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  • Introduction (Written November 2021)

    eternals nomadland chloe zhao best directoreviewers of Eternals may have been put in a difficult position: review a movie that was simultaneously a real movie and also a Marvel movie.

    Instant schism.

    This should not be, but is kind of understandable. No one knew Nomadland (the film shot simultaneously with Eternals) would win Director Chloe Zhao a Best Director Award while Eternals waited to come out during the pandemic.

    Eternals emerged on the scene as a Marvel movie directed by a Best Director. Marvel had indeed arrived. It wasn't like Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios had pursued some established Best Director to make one of their new movies in an attempt to give it some new form of chased credibility. Chloe Zhao was sort of up-and-coming and met Marvel at this place. Marvel is to be seen as a co-visionary with Zhao in whatever the legacy of Eternals becomes. Can actual movie critics handle this apparent schism?

    It seems not.

    eternals Erich von Daniken chariotsof the godsA film involving the legedary Gilgamesh of Babylon/Sumer.. that takes itself remotely serious with a modern spin that can appeal to the young Marvel fanbase? More, applying Ancient Aliens theory from authors like Erich von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin eternals art bell radio(bedtime stories of the Art Bell radio show), incorporating threads from the disappointing end of the Stargate and Stargate SG-1 franchises, nice elements of Moore & Eick's Battlestar Galactica franchise, all while reaching into and expanding what the MCU already is?

    That's beyond refreshing to the discerning sci-fi/fantasy fan.

    Accomplished in real cinematic form with actual character beats and evolution that create and allow for space and growth in the narrative between individuals. Keep in mind, there is only one movie and not a trilogy or a series. Give people some room to work with what they have.

    Too many characters? Too much going on? Every time I heard this in a review, my eyes rolled. But after I saw the movie, I got a bit warm toward those comments. I began to understand the reviewers saying those things (then, the "sub-reviewers" I regard as pretenders that don't really review as much as they just talk about or rant - talking about or ranting about anything for 3m anywhere is not a review) just didn't understand Eternals.

    To say "they just didn't understand" is quite random, I get it. Maybe this 100,000 word essay or whatever this site becomes may suffice to explain my reasoning.

    There are not 10 Eternals. They are one unit. One thing. A Brain. Fans talked about wanting or needing a Disney+ series or prior movies to build up or get to know the Eternals before the movie. Please consider.. the shock of seeing this movie and the characters all at once, all of it; the way it looks, the visual themes, the manifestation of individual powers, reveal of the Celestials, their suits.. to have kept all that quiet until
    BR> ..that teaser trailer with no dialogue.. only "End of the World" playing, and these strange, starlit humanoid beings appearing in Earth's ancient past..

    Has the MCU seen anything like that before?

    I know I can't forget the moment I saw the first teaser with the big, triangular ship and all of the Eternals lined up.. the feeling of being exposed to that newness, suddenly. What an experience. We aren't supposed to know who they are. But then, the pandemic delayed everything by about an entire year.

    Getting back to the Brain concept, Zhao talked about the scene where the Eternals meet the humans in Mesopotamia for the first time after saving them from a Deviant attack. They are lined up and spaced in a secific way. First, to me, it looks like a groupof birds flying; lined up behind Ajak (and then Ikaris behind her and so on). But then, according to Zhao, there is a left side and a right side.

    On the right, are the Creatives - she called them Thinkers. On the left, are the Planners - she called them the Fighters. Ikaris is the leader on this Left Brain side. On the Right is Ajak. She's the Creative Supreme, the Team Leader, the Prime Eternal for this Brain (this Unit sent to Earth by Arishem on this particular mission), she retains all her previous memories, her power is healing and she has full and open communication with their leader, Arishem.

    Clearly, we can she which side of the Brain Arishem is prioritizing for the mission. I want to know what that says about Arishem and the Celestials.

    eternals kingo shadow warrior IIConcerning the left and right sides here, Kingo calls Ikaris "boss". In his latest Bollywood production, "The Shadow Warrior II", Kingo's character's costume dons the suit of Ikaris. He admires and looks up to Irakis. Even though everyone acknowledges Ajak as the Prime of the group, there is still a sort of sub-division between the two sides. Ikaris leads the Fighters and he is in charge there. Ajak leads the Creatives. She evaluates the new tech of Phastos, the steam engine, only to advise "it's too soon". Ikaris is not involved in such matters. Just as Ajak is probably not concerned with where the Deviants are or what they are doing (except that the Thinkers are protected along with humanity). She probably leaves that to Ikaris unless she is needed specifically.

    Tom Holland & Spider-Man / Sony Tangent

    eternals spider-man: no way homeI find it hard to believe "Reviewers" and fans alike were confounded by "to much going on". We fans love to binge watch MCU movies again and again. Eternals is a feast, so why did fans seem to be repelled by too much to absorb? Which brings me to Spider-Man: No Way Home - the MCU/Sony endeavor next on the playlist after Eternals in 2021. It stunned me how quickly fandom dropped Eternals and ran to NWH. But admittedly, after having seen NWH, I really did appreciate that movie much more.

    Yet, at the time, my analysis was as follows (truly):

    ...just every single character from the multiverse into the screen at one time, as many call-backs and familiar lines and phrases from old Spider-Man films as possible. Nothing really new except for the new tears in the multiverse. NWH is, perhaps the antithesis of what Eternals is trying to do. Fans are running away from Eternals as Old News to get to No Way Home as fast as possible. It's like, there is so much new to be discovered with Eternals. Spider-Man: No Way Home seems to be a compacted review of the past :(

    eternals guardians of the galaxy rocket racoonI enjoy Tom Holland and Zendaya individually. I do not enjoy Tom Holland used as a vehicle. He's a buzz word. Anything placed on him will sell. He's a product. This triune, nonad Sony spell gathering all previous actors and plot lines from previous Spider-Men is certainly an achievement. It's like assembling the Infinity Stones all in the same place at the same time.

    .. and Rocket goes **BooM**.

    Eternals is ground-breaking to the extreme and won't be fully appreciated or understood for a while. I'll enjoy Spider-Man: No Way Home like all of you. Only, Eternals is seeking to merge Cinema with Entertainment - I feel it was fairly successful. I made this site to explain why. Lastly, about No Way Home, it feels kind of empty.

    I read and watch all the fan material (lord, as much as I can) and fans are much too concerned with what actors (which Spider-Men) are in the film rather than what might be happening in the film (which, as I have already prognosticated is a dumptruck of call-backs, SONY CGI action and tear-strings for beloved characters).

    eternals doctor strange in the multiverse of madnessNWH is really just the connective tissue to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness - I'm OK with that. I don't dislike Spider-Man at all. Thank god he's currently resting in the competent care of Marvel, yet is subjected to Sony's bombastic cash grabs occurring every two years at all cost (you know what I'm talking about). I guess I don't trust the Sony aspect of it.
    - (written last year)

    I don't mean to devolve Spider-Man as a character at all. Spider-Man is one of the most versatile and compelling characters in the Marvel Universe. I mean in the comics now. He interacts with everyone. He's a mutant, he has super strength, and who doesn't love wall-climbing? He is super intelligent. With the tech bestowed on him by Iron Man, Spider-Man is really something that can reach deeply into the MCU in many ways. I guess, again, it's Sony I have the issue with. They made a good product with NWH. It's a great product. They squezed out everything possible within their timeframe and wiped the whole world's memory inside the film of Peter Parker so they could do it again in two years. It works. :| It really does work.

    // End Spider-Man / Sony Tangent

    Eternals didn't deserve the "hate" it received for what some called "ticking woke boxes" or installing representation to "shove in their face". It also did not deserve the undermining of its freshness as a thing no one has seen before.

    Iron Man's bleeding edge suit and possibly Thor's armor (at times) are a long second to what the Eternals are wearing. Their power sets put to shame anything Captain Marvel or Thanos With Gauntlet or the Twins are displaying. Perhaps it is my personal taste, the aesthetics of the film as a whole are a thing which surpasses any previous MCU attempt. Just the Celestial glyphs alone and the way they manifest when Eternals use their powers. eternals doctor strange eldritch magicBefore that, I thought Doctor Strange eldritch magic glyphs were really nice and compelling visually. Eternals takes the whole concept to different levels and dimensions.

    To be real, after the song "Time" and the Marvel logo open (my favorite of all MCU films), I skip to Babylon 575 B.C.E.. That does not make Eternals a bad movie. Sometimes I watch the Deviant chase in London, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I watch the Ajak flashback, sometimes I skip it. Does everyone linger on Vision and Wanda in the Scotland hotel in Infinity War? Or, do you watch Clint and Natasha argue every time before she falls from the cliff in Endgame? Does it matter when assessing the worth of a film?

    Eternals received way too much negativity; unfairly. I don't really understand what that was about.. and, as you can tell, I'm a fairly educated person. I thought about this.. I don't think anyone is anti-education. How is that possible? Every day, every one of us is learning something. Today, I learned how to use a new setting on my air fryer. What did you learn today? Someone elsewhere may have gained knowledge about how to dial their pharmacy for refills direct without speaking to anyone. Or, how about something as simple as a child who learns a new word in school?

    Eternals seems to be a victim of being an educated film. It was generally not understood, therefore, hated and maligned.

    Eternals is definitely trying to educate. But, I think it is not trying to educate anyone on the things many think it is. For me, eyes need to be drawn away from the idea there was someone gay or asian to things like Ancient Babylon and Mesopotamia (and Tenochtitlan) being featured clearly. History, itself, is a fine teacher. A heady idea like genocide is addressed. Eternals allows for the viewer to find out, for themselves, the good and the bad of the characters and their actions without explaining it outright.

    Hopefully, the era of anti-hero or moral ambiguity in the MCU is here to stay. Thanos was a small step. Eternals was another step. That needs to be recognized in the legacy of Eternals, at the very least.


    Sigil Announcement (posted 7/15/22)

    Posted 7/15/22

    This was in plain sight. I was designing the Eternals New Icons and realized there was just no clear sight of the sigil of Kingo. First, what is a sigil, anyway? Anyone who watched Game of Thones might understand. It kind of just represents a House. BLAM!! But, a sigil could be the iconic jaguar on the front of the car with the namesake. Or, that bullet on the front of Target? That's kind of a sigil, too. A sigil represents something.. so when you see it, you know what it represents without having to have it explained to you. Back to Game of Thrones, the Banners approached over long distances and the enemy could see it coming. They knew what House was approaching.

    Kingo's sigil was never very clear at all in the film, Eternals, itself. I had to go to outside material (which I did not like to do for this site - I wanted to use all material visually from the film) to fill in the gaps for what his sigil actually looked like in full. Not until creating the sigil fully and publishing the creation did it strike me the sigil looked familiar. However, I was not at all expecting such a level of "communication" about the characters to examine the sigils. I have all the Legends figures, I've been looking at them. You can't really see this on the figures, tho, unless you are truly looking.

    Kingo's Sigil from the film and the ET cover

    The sigil I created for Kingo based
    on the film and supplemented material

    Thena's Sigil from the film and the ET cover

    YES please click the images to look more closely for yourselves (will open in new windows).

    haha I could probably leave it right there for Marvel fans. Shite, what has been unleashed now?? OK, I've already said on this site Thena has relations (biological) with Harry Styles' character, Starfox according to the comics. I've seen now several times reliable youtubers have stepped into the water by saying this "brother/sister" relationship between these Eternals is not biological. That it will be they were part of the 10-unit group - thus, "family" in that respect. As we saw in Eternals, the 10-unit group sent on a mission was a family unto themselves. But there is more.

    Chillin Sloth Baby, Kamala Kahn's Ms. Marvel has just ended and we've been handed a "next phase" that has a lot to do with biology and not that much to do with powers themselves. Kamala's grandmother told her it did not matter about her powers but it was about something more. Her identity was not about being Jinn. There was more to it. She actually said in these words to Kamala "it's just genetics". Who didn't hear the X-Men TAS song in that moment?? And then they played it in the last ep :)

    What is this to do with Eternals? The seeds were dropped in Eternals. Few looking. Examine Kro. But that's for later. I'm writing the next chapter for this site now: Eternals, Mutation & X-Men coming soon :)

    These Sigils were revealed on the total sly by Marvel in plain sight! If we look at the other Eternals (I plan to do that more intensively) each of them (or most) have sigils and combined sigils on their breastplates. After some deal of filtration into this ole brain, it seems the sigils combined like that will be combined Houses. So, the one I saw and that broke this story is Kingo and Thena. They are related, somehow. Thena has the one sigil shared with Kingo and a second one. Kingo has the shared one and another. Phastos looks to have three sigils, maybe. Makkari has what looks like two..

    I'm seeing the reveal of "Eternals Houses" much like Game of Thrones.. spread over the possible Universe. No one talked about it.. it was too soon.. the idea Sprite is going to procreate as a human who is also, now, an Eternal. This "hybrid" scenario was just revealed in full through Ms. Marvel. Sprite's child will be part human and part Eternal. It basically explains how there are Eternals that shifted from (to quote Arishem) "synthetic beings incapable of evolution" to ones who are. That was the main contrast in the film between Kro (the evolved Deviant) and the Eternals. Kro has evolved - mightily. We never get an explanation on how he was able to absorb Ajak's power. It was that one "leap" in his evolution that caused him to be able to possess the powers of Eternals by destroying them.

    It sounds an awful lot like some a random mutant we might have seen wandering in the sewers on X-Men TAS with the power to absorb the powers of other mutants. We don't need an explanation. It just can. That's evolution. I'm also seeing the idea Carol Danvers is going to be revealed as part Kree, the Superskrull is going to arrive due to genetic manipulatin by the Skrulls, and we've seen blatantly Monica Rambeau being genetically altered into a superhuman being by exposure to radiation of some form.

    We won't need any explanation by the time Mutants arrive.

    Being these Eternals remember nothing, we don't know their connection to their biology. It will be explained. It's silly to think these sigils are there by accident. I welcome anyone to contact me by email or at my instagram with more info or insight on this theory. I'm only going off what the comics have shown. There is an Eternals Hierarchy. Thanos is an Eternal with a Deviant gene. It gets no more obvious. He also shares parentage with Thena. Somehow, Kingo is in there somewhere. There's a relation and it is biological.

    lol when Kingo finds out Thanos was his "__________".


    Eternals, Mutation & X-Men (8/12/22)

    Eternals, Mutation & X-Men Eternals unspooled a ton of information. Celestials; mutation; evolution. Long periods of linear time. What happens over long period of time?


    Eternals was not just a movie about 10 space gods come to Earth in the distant past. Too many fans missed it. Kro, the Deviant, offered much explanation on the subtext of evolution in the MCU. It's very important in the next phase of MCU mythology. Soon, we will see ordinary beings transformed by interaction with energy or radiation (Monica Rambeau and more on Carol Danverse). We will see individuals with genetic lineage responsible or partly responsible for their powers being "unlocked" (Scarlett Witch, Kamala Khan). Next, we will see variations of these things all combined. Finally, mutants and X-Men are coming.

    eternals DNA mutation, X-MenIn full essence, Kro is a Deviant.. and also possibly a Mutant. The very definition of a mutant is a being that has, in their biology/genetic code, the so-called X-gene. The X-gene means the being is genetically capable (and predisposed) to mutation at the genetic level. The Mutant Being is capable of any number of unknown alterations at the cellular level. Powers and/or power upgrade is possible in the Mutant Being where it is not in the ordinary being. Ordinary beings remain who and what they are, incapable of mutation to anything further at the biological level. They may be changed or altered in other ways, but ordinary beings (non-mutants) do not have the biology to simply change in an instant.

    It is my assertion Kro might be a Mutant. I am not certain. But, it's unimportant.

    eternals rogue x-men mutation mutantSomehow, at some point over the long period of time expressed in the film Eternals, Kro attained mutation or advanced at the genetic level. It became able to absorb the powers of Eternals, thus, aquiring their abilities. Such a power is a thing seen almost 1:1 in the comics. Right off, the Mutant Rogue from the X-Men comics comes to mind. Her ability allowed her to absorb the life force of others (if they were human) and the powers of Mutants (for a short time).

    Drawing from Marvel comics, Mutants usually manifest their powers at puberty or otherwise during great events of personal stress or trauma. Their abilities lay dormant until "awakened" in this manner. The dormancy, however, is the key factor. A Mutant is not created. A Mutant is born with those abilities. They may not manifest their powers in their entirety, but the X-Gene is present. It's part of who they are.

    Another way Eternals laid out the concept of Mutation and Evolution is Arishem's explanation concerning the fundamental nature of Eternals:

    [Eternals] are "synthetic beings incapable of evoluton" made by Arishem specifically to counteract his mistake in creating the Deviants as natural beings with with ability to evolve. This is a bit convoluted subtext. I'm here to EternalsExplain :)

    eternals arishem funkoArishem is a loooong-lived being. The Celestials are OLD. ancient. They experience the universe in big snippets we, as humans, might not easily comprehend. Celestials are (we are told) gardeners of the universe. They prune and plant with a vision even Eternals (long-lived beings, themselves) have a hard time contemplating at times. Evolution became a problem concerning the Deviants. They were made by the Celestials for a purpose - to keep the predators of host planets in check. But, the Deviants bred and evolved on their own. As natural beings, they were not completely subject to the total control of Celestials. They exceeded their function/mandate. They became a rogue race.

    If the reader comprehends the Deviants are a race all their own, while still, ultimately, creations of Arishem, that will allow the reader to better appreciate other subtext from the film. Such as: Eternals, Deviants & Genocide. But that's another topic.

    It cannot be understated how important it is to see the difference between natural beings (Deviants) and synthetic beings (Eternals).

    eternals charles darwin mutation x-men evolutionEternals can never procreate. Their genes (if they have genes!) can never be allowed to change and evolve in the soup of Evolution. Mankind (in a theory of our evolution) spent billions of years in procreation until such time offspring were born to us with the genetic mutation for blue or green eyes, for example. The smallest genetic alteration (per evolution) takes a very, very long time in a natural setting.

    eternals mutation evolution kro deviantIt is unknown for how long the Deviant Kro existed until it somehow made the leap to absorbtion of powers. Or, to evolve from what it was initially to what it became right before the film opens.

    Eternals jumps around in linear time for the sake of the story. However, we do not see Kro in the distant past. We don't see any Deviant which stands out from the others as a thing unto itself. How/when did this happen? How or when did Kro attain (or express) the ability to change and transform in such a way?

    eternals mutation evolution sprite hybridThen, we have Sprite at the end of the film who becomes "human" thanks to the help of Sersi with left over power from the Uni-Mind. It seems Sprite will probably still retain her abilities as an Eternal even while being subject to human mortality. She has, basically, become a hybrid being. We will see more and more of this in the MCU as time goes on.

    eternals super-skrull evolution mutationWe will start seeing things like the Super-Skrull (genetically-achieved engineereed beings other than those made by Celestials) and characters like High Evolutionary (a being who tinkers with and modifies other beings at the cellular level for personal experiments - such as with Rocket Racoon).

    As of this writing, we just saw Ms. Marvel.. where it was revealed Kamala is part Jinn. But, it was not explained what Jinn are in context for the show.. just that her family refers to such things as Jinn. Basically, they don't have the language or knowledge of what is a Jinn, they only know they have something unique in their heritage. When asked, Kamala's grandmother says that part doesn't matter and Kamala is focusing on the wrong thing.

    eternals ms. marvel inhumans evolution mutationKamala's family is somehow interbred with Inhumans. Kamala in the comics is an Inhuman. Her powers come from the idea she is, in part, a genetic Inhuman and subject to the Terrigen mist. In the comics, Inhumans are very similar to Mutants in that they are genetically different. Powers of Inhumas generally rest within their genetic code to be unlocked by exposure to Terrigenesis. It is unclear how or if this is now modified for the MCU going forward.

    The point is, none of this would be posible without evolution of natural beings. It seems to be based on the idea of procreation and evolution entirely. Offspring born to parents with different or exotic lineage.. or hybrid beings from different races.. or permutations thereof.

    prince namor wakanda forever evolution mutationPrince Namor of Atlantis is coming in Black Panther II: Wakanda Forever. This character was the very first Mutant in Marvel comics. He is a hybrid being, born to a human mother and an Atlantean father. On top of that, he is a Mutant. Who knows how this will be altered for the MCU currently.

    It is due to the very long period of linear time expressed in the film Eternals we are able to delve into this subtext. The context goes much further when we're introduced to the enormous span of linear time concerning the Celestials. While ordinary beings live and die on planets and continents, Celestials are forming entire galaxies. They are planting seeds in host planets over billions of years. They have a plan completely unknown to us before this movie.

    eternals golde glow powers mutation x-menAgain, due to this great length of linear time displayed, we can take a peek at the MCU almost from inception to present. We can glimpse into how things work. Celestials seem to be at the head of things. Eternals live a long time, but nothing compared to them. We've previously seen no other beings with this type of life span. We have not seen other beings with this type of long-term agenda and power. From where does the Golden Celestial Glow come? What is it? All we really do know, it gives Eternals their powers. When absorbed, it gave Kro powers.

    The similarity between the Celestial Glow and the X-Gene is present. The Glow is the the power source for the Eternals. The X-Gene is the power source for Mutants.

    eternals x-men tas evolution mutationEternals are the closest thing we have seen yet to the X-Men. Consider this: a team of beings - all with diverse abilities coming from the same power source.

    Why does the Celestial Glow manifest the way it does in Eternals? Why does Ikaris have optic blasts and flight but not the abilities of a Telepath like Druig? Why does Angel (an X-Man) have wings but not blue fur and super agility like Beast? Both have the X-Gene, but it manifests differently in both.

    eternals adam warlock mutation evolution x-menAs we move forward, I am seeing the possibility of more and more exotic beings who do not conform to traditional ideas of power sets. Characters will increasingly be more diverse and not subject to one or two power sets or rules for those powers. Thus, what the characters will be capable of will surprise and astonish us :)

    The foundation for this idea was first fleshed out in Eternals.


    *Eternals Verses The Godfather
    Travel with me on this light-hearted hyperbole :)

    Michael Corleone is a literary figure we could discuss at length. But at the core, it could be argued his entire visage is transformed in Sicily when he takes refuge from some murders he committed back home. He hasn't yet gone totally down the dark path. Sicily is a transition point for him. What if, while there - tending sheep - he enters a cave. A cave undisturbed for centuries. He finds relics and artifacts that make no sense. But some look familiar; almost in his psyche. A golden sphere from an Arishem-like being enters him. It explains Michael is part of a line of (blah blah). That his true mission is to return to NYC and rule the other crime families for (blah blah).

    Would this, at all, nullify the power of The Godfather saga?

    That's not really a trick question. The Godfather, Part III, is really a sort of broken appendage on the saga. Many would agree; some wouldn't. It contains many of the same characters and fits well with the first two films because the actors have aged in between the films prior and it picks up where children have now become adults, etc. But the substance of that movie lacks. It really is just a returning-to-the-soil re-flow of the first Godfather which ended with the man of power being consumed with his own frailties.

    This analogy may seem silly, but if Michael had some deep-space or just mystical Earth lineage or attachment, Godfather Part III would have had somewhere to go, at least. While the story of powerful young men exerting that power in dominant violence only to end in sad vulnerability and gross decay is a powerful narrative (and Godfather was among the first to tell that tale with efficiency) that tale is overspent in the modern era. As with layered cake, the Arishem-in-a-cave narrative would simply enhance the modern Michael Corleone, not diminish him.

    Director Chloe Zhao said she wanted a character in Eternals to be able to be seen as a real character but then to just happen to shoot laser beams out of their eyes. I like this approach to a superhero movie. But then, "Godfather is not a superhero movie". But what if it was? Could it be? That's the question I'm simply asking. Could Godfather be a superhero movie or have some of the themes we recognize as such without losing the preeminent dramatic narrative it's known for? Is it such a schism? If so, why?

    For the viewer, the hidden sphere and unknown being in this Godfather scenario is an undercurrent, a force driving Michael. Michael is possibly freed from conventional morality (as he was bound to it in the 1970s when the film was created). He becomes a complex anti-hero instead of a villain. Some argue he already is a complex anti-hero because he was pushed by his circumstances and by the nature of the evil surrounding him. But this doesn't last into the modern era. The idea Michael could have stayed in Sicily (or anywhere else, for that matter) would resonate more.

    Even though they car-bombed his wife, he still had options. Such larger mystery of a golden sphere and strange, unknown encounter would have created enormous potential for a resonate and transformative Godfather Part III that perhaps could not even be written or conceived at the time, of course. That's because there was (and still is) a stark divison between realism and fantasy. What we deem possible in reality versus what we accept as fiction.

    Would Michael and Kate's tumultuously human relationship be any less tragic? Would the grizzly street murders and vendetta-laced violence be any less shocking? Would Pacino's acting performance be less menacing? Even though, we, the audience know the strange, mystical thing which happened to him in Sicily while no one in the film does?

    Of course, had the trilogy been made this way, we would probably not even be talking about it today. Why? Not because they would have sucked. But because the combination of cinema and fantasy together simply are not allowed to converge. Michael's motivation for returning to NYC must, at all cost, be a fully-recognized human struggle.

    A zoom call from Arishem dehumanizes the situation right away. Michael prays. Others in the films pray. But the god does not speak. They all profess deep religious beliefs, they go to church, the film centers on many characters in spiritual settings and taking part in religious rites. Yet, there is no exhibition of top-down interaction from the being they worship. In the films, the god is portrayed as non-existant. Therefore, it remains a fully human struggle.

    When the god is portrayed as involved or sentient, the Oscar Award is hidden and the reviewers become Saul of Tarsus; a disbeliever intent on ruining someone else in doctrinal opposition. This is also the reason Zhao, who currently holds the honor for Best Director, is shunned for her cinematic (visual and storytelling) achievements with Eternals. It just isn't allowed.

    Everyone loses.

    I am not saying Eternals is Best Film of 2021. I am not advocating it is Best Picture material. I am not saying The Godfather trilogy should be remade the way I described. I'm suggesting Fantasy and Cinema should have a recognized blended experience. A film should not be banned from winning a high award simply because it is not based on accepted realism. Some will argue there are plenty of accepted films that win awards that are not based in realism. I think there is a sheep and goat mentality that a film must be one or the other on the whole.


    Cinematography (posted 2/19/22)

    Eternals cinematography HOTEL EXPERIENCE:

    First, here's an interesting experience. I was in a hotel and Eternals was on! omg so immediately, I start to think what is it going to look like on this screen that does not have my home settings? I'm about to experience this movie like everybody else in their homes. I guess, I've been writing about what I think it looks like and praising the cinematography, now I must experience it without custom settings. Cool..

    For some reason, Sprite hovering down onto the planet and the way it looked - a strange, pale child with that adult stance - that moment, the dullness of the tones on her bright hair and polished costume in front of the dust.. it was really, well, cinematic. Btw that particular moment never did anything to me before. Watching it at that level of unsaturated(?) tones was different for me. I noted my reaction as closer to a 2001 barren-terra-with-strange-thing-on-it. OK, it's been said.


    The muted tones and pastels are breathtaking. Some people had a problem with it and I get it. But to see actually-fabricated costumes in real locations in natural light was so astonishing to me, I had to keep going to see this movie over and again. The first time in a regular theater, then only in IMAX. I don't care that it's obvious I am such a fanboy for this movie; the movie deserves it. With the natural light and real locations, when there was CGI applied, it appeared very tasteful and measured. I can't say enough about how these costumes look on camera.

    The only thing close so far in the MCU is the output of Black Panther made by legendary designer
    Ruth Carter. But with Eternals, these are 10 designs for 10 people. It's a legitimate Collection; all meant to look cohesive with each other. There's actually a bonus 11th costume with Eros. All of them are coherent with each other and all of them could walk down a runway together and get Anna Wintour's approval for sure. But they photograph so well. Maybe that's because they are filmed on location in natural light.

    Now that I have seen the blu ray, I can say that is the most optimal version for home viewing. I saw things on the blu ray I saw nowhere else. At no other time did I see or notice the cuneiform-type imagery on the walls of the Domo. I don't mean the Golden Celestial Glow. The surface area of the Domo is covered in raised script or symbols. I could never see that before. Whether this is a product of lighting or saturation, I also did not really see Domo as a green hue. It only ever looked grayish. There are benefits and disadvantages.

    I consider the idea these costumes are way too ornate and shiny to be bulked up that way in CG. They need a tone down to be effective. That's what works. That is kind of the idea Eternals is going for. Comic book movies are sometimes, by nature, too visually stimulating to the point of absurdity. Eternals employs realism. More of that, please. I would like to see more authentically-made costumery that moves and gives with the actor and natural light on those costumes and the characters in actual locations. Those elements worked very well for this film.

    Filming in natural light and the garment construction had a lot to do the overall achievements of this movie. As opposed to the MCU that, in the past, has been almost completely focused on green screen and CGI. So much costumery in the MCU is - itself - CGI. Then, much of the character itself might be CGI or CGI enhanced (Gamora, Nebula, Rocket, Thanos, Hulk). Then, think back to the entire third act of Endgame. The pile of rubble and debris. There wasn't a scene that is not CG. Every person is standing in front of a screen. It often appears people were filmed totally separate and added later.

    Too much "fake". While it's fine for a comic book movie, the eye knows the difference. It is no less enjoyable to see all those people doing all those things no matter how it is composed. Not really. However, there is something holistic going on with Eternals that flushes out an old thing. It did for me, at least.

    Zhao mentioned a specific scene where Ikaris, in the forest, was put up on wires to be filmed landing from flying. They were determined to put him on wires instead of using CG effects even though constructing wires in the forest was complicated. She said there is an element of imperfection that was really important to have with the wires that wouldn't be achieved with CG.

    It is that attention to detail that also makes Eternals different. I'd really like to see more and better work done on costume design and then making sure that work is exposed in situations we can see and appreciate all the intricate detail. Prior to Eternals, I would look at some of the costumes and really not know which parts of it were being worn by the actor and which were added in post production.

    Director Chloe Zhao was determined to shoot in natural light. She wanted to film in "The Magic hour" (also known as The Golden Hour) which occurs at dusk and dawn. When the sun is on or near the horizon. Anyone who takes images or shoots film knows light at this time of day is the most spectacular. Who can forget the visual beauty near the end of Eternals when, after Tiamut has been transformed, they are standing on the beach together.

    That scene, alone, is possibly one of the most rich and cinematically pungent moments of the film (and the MCU). Unlike CG effects, the waves are crashing, the mist is spraying, the sun is beaming powerfully and reflected back off these ornate and gorgeous costumes. Sure, there are dumptrucks full of unreal times in other Marvel movies where we have seen things to blow our minds. Things created we could not ever see in the real world. Things comic books made us want to see on the big screen. Eternals is returning this genre to something more tangible and grounded.

    It's very understandable that, for example, when in space, things there must be manufactured simply by the nature of not being real in the first place. Then, there may be a large number of characters and things in that scene that are not human or "real" and must be manufactured. That's not what I mean. Eternals seems to have reached a level of realness by just letting CG be what it is. I have some level of experience with graphic work. Comic book movies have often tried too hard to expose every shadow and reveal every crevice. As if to imply every square inch of the element of work done must be shown in relation to how much money has been thrown at its creation. I'd say the CG creation becomes more real the less you show.

    Director Steven Spielberg withheld showing the audience the Jaws creature because he said it would make the shark more haunting in the minds of the watcher. I just now watched the opening Infinity War, the entire scene aboard the Asgardian ship. I wanted to take a moment to compare what it's like to take in an almost 100% green-screened scene along with the human beings in that scene (Loki, Thor, Heimdall). I did then watch the whole movie, skipping through to scenes like that. The scene on Ebony Maw's ship, on Thanos' ship, on the Forge, etc. Anyplace there were human beings and green screen. It kind of sucks after a while. When you add the idea they are supposed to be standing on the plains of Africa in Wakanda or other real places, when it doesn't feel real, something is lost.

    Eternals shined a light on this.

    Chloe Zhao was adamant the filming process would be on location. She was right that these characters who had been present on Earth for millennia had to feel like they were standing here on Earth. They couldn't be propped against green screen and for us to be made to accept that premise. That call was revolutionary for the MCU and it will hopefully start a trend that will not end. While it is not revolutionary at all for a cinematographer on a film to plan for the day's best light or angles for optimal shots, it does take a lot of good planning. It costs more, actors must be on set longer. Actors must actually be on set (location set instead of Hollywood Los Angeles set). Gear must be hauled all over everywhere. Huge teams are employed.

    Zhao filmed Nomadland concurrently alongside Eternals; a process filmmakers sometimes use to keep costs down. That may also be why the two films also look visually similar. Similar pastel tones and natural light. The beginning and end of Eternals were filmed at the same time. Those scenes and the action of those scenes are possibly my favorite pet Marvel scenes of the entire MCU (and fighting in Babylon). These Eternals being revealed suddenly, without explanation, in act I of the film was a dazzling and remarkable spectacle the trailer purposefully and thankfully did not reveal. Act III on the same beach, their Civil War, was more brilliant to the exponent.

    The cinematography here counts. With all of the powers on display and explosive ramifications thereof, it was consistently measured and well done. Even with a baby Celestial emerging from inside the planet, a golden object being turned into a beautiful marble statue, the proverbial dial has been brought back enough to employ realism. What is the attempt to clothe these heroes in raiment looking so realistically appropriate if only to surround them in a CG quagmire? Even the Deviants and Kro, IMO, were done tastefully. Whatever you think of them as creatures/characters or their makeup (what they are made out of) they look as good or better than anything on Thanos' squad but in better lighting.

    Zhao also wanted to employ proper scale in this film. Arishem had to look that large. Tiamut's Emergence (and the scope of it) had to be captured properly. The depth of scale in Eternals was monitored very closely and is very appreciated from the discerning fan. During Sersi's talk with Arishem and the entire Cosmic Fable that accompanies, there is a huge story told. That story, visually, is a creation myth with a lot of visual juxtapositioning.

    There are Celestial beings creating stars. Entire solar systems against the backdrop of other systems pouring out. Sersi, a humanoid, must be featured while surrounded by events the size of the universe. Tiamut is rising from the sea, its palm encompassing a small island where Sersi walks.. while far in the distance, its head rises also. Things in this movie are enormous, relatively, to each other.

    The scope and scale imagined and accomplished with Eternals is to be applauded. We were used to hearing Odin's history lesson about the nine realms. But now, we've come a long way. Eternals brings us through a swirling, cosmic hallucinogen. Unlike the vision given to Doctor Strange, it isn't just repeating fractals accompanied by the Ancient One's voice. The breadth of the scale is also enormous. Good job, Ms. Zhao :)

    Prior to Eternals, I can't really think of an MCU movie that took a minute to breathe and look around. Maybe Black Panther. But only for a second or two, not long at all. Eternals pans around to view the natural sky, to take in sunsets. Whole scenes are centered around majestic locations for grand effect. The dust from the desert floor feels real because it is real. There is talk in the blu ray commentary that actual care was taken to make sure the actor's feet and interaction with the ground was captured by the camera. There's no doubt they are walking around in it.

    The scene in the first act where Thena is chasing the Deviant toward Gilgamesh. The space where they are walking; the barren earth, the dim sky. The contrast of that against their suits is, again, something I still cannot really express. They could have easily filmed that against a green screen, I suppose, and made all of us believe it. But there is something about moving air, a true sky, unanimated clouds that can bring us into the story.

    Tangibility is a real problem for the MCU, especially as it goes further into things like nano tech. Iron Man was the grounding factor in this. We could hear the hammer, the "metal" was real. We heard the clank when he landed. Now, the sound of the nano bots rushing out of T'Challa's necklace has surpassed that tech. Maybe we need a re-grounding or re-orienting of realism. Perhaps through a more concerted cinematic effort? I've been hoping for CGI to catch up to a newer standard for a while. To show us a little less, perhaps.

    Admittedly, Eternals may look slightly "dull" on home screens. That sucks. I calibrate my screens for optimal viewing. I have a standard process of increasing backlight totally. Increase sharpness very much. Increase contrast very much. Increase color as desired but not too much as not to go clownish. I keep the rest as is. Since all TVs have as many as 5 different viewing functions, I keep one on these parameters all the time. It's too bad if you missed Eternals in IMAX. But there are advantages to home viewing you don't get in IMAX either. There are things I couldn't see in the theater I, then, saw at home for the first time; or noticed for the first time.


    Team Breakdown (posted 2/26/22)

    eternals druig icon gallery png transparent high resolutionDruig
    Power: Telepath

    I'm calling Druig a Telepath for a number of reason explored elsewhere. But briefly, he obviously has more going on than we think. Sprite goes looking for him in the camp, asking one of the members. Druig hears and replies through the man. That's Passive Listening. That's not just Mind Control.

    Also, Druig was able to control the mind of a Celestial. Albeit with the help of the Uni-Mind for power purposes. If he can do that, he can shut down Thena during Mahd W'yry but does not. Lastly, Sersi confronts Ikaris "What have you done?" concerning Ajak and Druig replies, "He killed her." I will let the reader conclude on their own. He's a Telepath using his powers with a moral code (get to know Professor Charles Xavier of the X-Men).

    Druig is the most understated Eternal. Everything about him in the film is there for subtext. From the colors he wears to the statements he makes to the powers he possesses, there's always a little more to dig through. With most of the other Eternals, their power sets or their function on the team seems obvious. Ajak is there to lead. Thena is there to fight. Phastos is there to create technology for humanity. Druig is there to mind control them? It doesn't make sense at first.

    If the Eternals Brain is efficient, they won't harm any humans during interaction. We can see at first interaction, the humans take up arms against these strange beings. It would be against The Mission to fight them (and these Eternals would not want to) so it makes sense to have with them someone who could "change their minds" when need be. Just until they get used to the idea these powerful creatures from the heavens are not there with bad intent.

    Druig is priest-like. He's quiet and thoughtful. He's very sympathetic and compassionate toward humanity. His costume says a lot about him. It's black and red. He does not possess the traditional Gold or Blue (colors that stand for Divinity or Mission in the film) nor does he wear Purple (what I have deemed to signify Ego) nor Silver (subservience in the mission). He's on his own tangent by nature. The only thing I've heard in passing about the color red in Eternals was director Zhao mentioned it could signify mischievousness.

    Makkari has red, also. It makes sense. She dabbles in thievery and they both agree not to tell Ajak of their bent ways when he controls humans that fight each other. He believes in the mission, at first, through Ajak and the rest. He seems loyal to Arishem as an Eternal but not necessarily as an individual.

    The first time we see Druig out of costume (in civilian clothing) is when we see them all out of costume at the wedding of Sersi and Ikaris. He is actually wearing gold tones and a lot of blue tones in his dress along with hiss traditional red and black tones. This means that by this time, he has accepted his role as Divine (the god-to-man allegory) and also the role of the mission of the group to help mankind build a better world.

    Skip to the next time we see them all out of costume (Tenochtitlan) he is back in his traditional colors. He has lost faith. He's no longer Divine, he no longer believes in the Mission. He doesn't trust Ajak and all he can see is human violence all around him. The rest don't seem to see this, even though the whole community is on fire everywhere and they are pretty much hiding in the ziggurat.

    Just before this, Druig introduces the phrase genocide. It's used in terms of the human population destroying each other, but it has a much wider connotation. He seems to see what the others do not or cannot. We, the audience, are prompted (through the character of Druig) to ask the larger question of humans killing humans versus Eternals killing Deviants. But, of course, at this point in the film, we do not know Deviants and Eternals are genetically related.. both "children of Arishem" as Kro later says to Thena.

    If we watch a second time, we can see the parallel.

    Eternals are about to wipe the Deviants from the planet at the same moment Druig announces Genocide has arrived in humanity. Genocide is the destruction of one race upon another, put simply. He also seems to recognize (when none of the others does) that the evolved Deviant (Kro) has now expressed itself as having a conscience. He says this does not just make them more dangerous, but makes them "us".

    He is able to make this distinction, possibly, because killing Deviants has been the sole mission and belief system for these Eternals from the beginning.. yet, Druig has never fully been on mission, himself. He has always been seeing things his own way.

    Once in the ziggurat, Druig decides to call out Ajak and the Mission. He says they have trusted her this long and he does not see what the benefit of that has been. He questions her in front of the others whether or not her leadership has really helped humanity build a better world. He then decides to go on his own - to take matters into his own hands - to take on The Mission as he sees fit. To do this in his own ability and see what he can make of it compared to what Ajak has done. It leads to them finding him in Amazon in present day.

    There, Druig is back in colors of Blue shades. But this time, he reserves Gold & Blue for the meeting place in the camp. It surprised me when I realized they had painted the inside of that humble "church-like" structure those colors.

    To me, it meant Druig shrugging of the color Gold, personally, and giving the Divinity to something other than himself. He gave it to the community. But he reserved the Mission portion of it for himself. He retained some level of faith in Arishem based on what he was able to achieve in the community he had cultivated for all those centuries.

    It's Druig's way of signifying that his community - to him - represents the pinnacle of those things. Divinity, in that, he has reached out to humanity from above, cared for them with his god-like abilities in their frailties and also achieved the Mission of the Eternals of protecting them from the Deviants and helping them build a better world for themselves. That's his version of it. His Amazon society since Tenochtitlan is the best thing he has for humanity. He is very proud of it.

    As soon as they leave Amazon, Druig is out of Blues and dons all Black. His entire existence is a lie and he has been lied to for 7,000 years. He is just dark. I think, in this film, the darks and lights of hues seem to represent deepness or lightness of heart or emotion.. or possibly worn by time or heaviness. He is not seen out of these dark tones for the rest of the film.

    He resumes in his natural uniform and then is back in those all black tones afterward. He certainly feels tainted in his Divinity. He no longer feels like a "god" to these people. He no longer feels like there is a mission in anything. He can't help humanity. Perhaps the poor guy never re-gained faith or belief in anything.

    eternals ajak icon gallery png transparent high resolutionAjak
    Power: Healing

    A Thinker, Ajak is a Healer and she is also Prime Eternal. Her role is one of coming forth from the Celestials unto Mankind. She brings with her the Brain Function of these Eternals and their Mission purpose, to grow the population for Tiamut but also to build a better civilization of harmony (that's what the others believe and she does not tell them the truth).

    I really want to know: why did the Celestials choose a Thinker (not a Fighter) to helm the Mission to Earth. I sense it is very important to the future of the MCU concerning Eternals and especially the Celestials. The fact there are two sides of this Brain Unit is interesting. But to know one side is prioritized over the other as "absolute commander" is very telling.

    When I saw Ajak's Marvel Legends action figure, I knew I had to collect them all. Her figure is astonishing in its detail (as they all are). A healer is a very handy thing to have on-board in such a mission. It ensures you don't lose the other members to an injury or mishap.

    She is a failsafe. But ultimately, it turns out, her sympathy for humanity causes her to question Arishem's design even though she has been conscious of it for millions of years on many other planets.

    Also, that she is the one granted the authority (and ultimate trust) to retain her memories of the millions of years they have helped Celestials emerge from other host planets. She's aware the entire time they are being, essentially, tricked. She only ever encounters resistance from one Eternal - Druig.

    None of the others ever challenges her. The colors she is seen in throughout the film are the Blue & Gold symbolizing the Divinity of the Eternals toward Mankind and the Mission to protect them from the Deviants and help them build a more advanced civilization.

    Of course, Ajak's reasoning for the latter is different from the others. They all believe the Mission is to create a more harmonious Earth and maybe a technocratic society with less war and conflict. Her goal is simply to increase the population per Arishem's Design. She patiently guides them along in their co-endeavors - deceiving them, but gently - toward Humanity's future.

    When Ikaris meets up with her in the present, her colors are extremely faded. Her gold is ragged and worn. Her Divinity is drawn out. What she once was to Mankind - that which came down - is a bit fallen. She has been amongst them. She's experienced them up close, now. Her Blue is very light. Her Mission is in good spirits. She has hope for what she aims to do.

    She wants to bring the team back together and find a way to stop the Emergence. Then, She dons a cloak of lighter gold tones and a dark - very dark - blue shirt inside. This may be to foreshadow what is about to happen. She's about to perish, but she won't perish tainted. She will die as one who came to Earth from the heavens long ago.. worn by the ages, yet, her faith in Arishem is very darkened by personal disbelief in his grand design.

    eternals ikaris icon gallery png transparent high resolutionIkaris:
    Power: Optic Blast, Flight

    Irakis was lauded as a bad rendition of Superman. The film even makes light of this in meta reference through Jack, the son of Phastos. But I'd argue if that's true, he's the better version. He isn't weighed down by Lois Lane, a newspaper job, dual identity, old-fashioned moral dilemmas or parents. Only Zack Snyder and Henry Cavil could (and did) make that work.

    Sadly, Warner Brothers would not even let that character progress to a black suit, a beard or mullet and it's no mystery why that universe languishes. Superman is tall and stately while Ikaris is compact and wiry. Superman's cape and briefs combo is (for me) stuck in a 1980s Saturday morning cartoon while the kilt and battle gear of Ikaris passes as modern in the design layout as a whole.

    Ikaris is wild and unpredictable. Superman is predictably bound by constant moral obligation. And, there is no messy kryptonite drama.

    The colors of Ikaris are blue and gold. Identical to Ajak, gold for Divinity and/or Primary, Blue for the Mission. Ikaris really is the leader of the Right Side - the Fighter Wing. While Ajak is the leader of the Left side - the Thinker Wing. They seem to be mirror images of each other. Except, looking closer, the uniform of Ikaris contains a darker blue shade gradient while Ajak has only one shade (the lighter).

    She has more pronounced gold. His is a more accented gold. Reading into these suits only draws out what I believe may have been the real colour of the original artists. I think many fans wanted a more bombastic approach. I really can see that--and love it, also. I'm loving this, too.

    I won't extrapolate every Eternal this way, I will just take one. I heard, without end, how Irakis was a Superman rip-off. But when I think of Superman, the primary power set is:

    super strength
    "super quickness" (however you want to say that)

    I almost forget most of the time Superman has eye powers at all. When I think of Irakis, the primary powers I think of are:


    But mostly the eyebeams are the iconic power of Irakis for me. Cyclops anyone (X-Men)?

    The first time we see Ikaris out of uniform, he is naked with Sersi. Then, they are in ceremonial marriage together. There, he is wearing his traditional colors.. but this time, he is adorned in a purple also. I've said Purple in Eternals may represent Ego. He is at a stage where his Ego is large, he is in love, he's at the top of his game, they have left Babylon and built a city for Humanity he is most-likely personally proud of.

    His Blue here is deep and dark, possibly signifying he is strongly embedded in his faith. His Gold is very slight. He's not so goldy, he's more human-like.. falling for Sersi and living the life of a human in love.

    At Tenochtitlan, he is clad in a much brighter gold tone and darker blue hue. He's lived with the truth of Arishem all this time, his "faith" is very deep but murky. He's becoming dogmatic instead of steadfast in belief. His lighter gold tones may represent that he's separated himself (again) from anything human (from his love of Sersi) and returned to being something holy, from above.

    Here, he tries to stop Druig from rebelling against Ajak but she orders him to leave Druig alone. He looks confused. He doesn't seem to get why she would allow Druig to mount an open revolution. He knows exactly what she knows (about Arishem's design) but she thwarts him anyway.

    The next time we see Ikaris is in the present. He is never seen wearing Gold again except in his natural costume. He's completely lost his Divinity - he's destroyed his sister Eternal in malice. He believes it was out of duty to Arishem, but later, even he is conflicted about that. He's genuinely conflicted. He doesn't even seem to know if she loved him or not. Poor Ikaris.

    I felt sad there seemed to be no fan outreach for his character on this. He was alienated from the woman he loved for a very long time because he was given forbidden knowledge he could not share with her about their mission.

    We see Ikaris wearing a black coat, black trousers and a very dark blue shirt. He's deep in the mission, his "faith" is now fully doctrinal. Is doctrinal "faith" really faith after-all? Does someone with rote exercise as belief truly believe at all? His doctrine led him to kill. Phastos points this out. "Is this why you're willing to kill?" Ikaris can only answer with the most dogmatic statement I can think of: "I'm an Eternal, Phastos, as are you. I exist for Arishem." How utterly sad.

    I like Ikaris for the "villain" or antagonist for this film (or one of) because he is among the most powerful. It does well for the action when the other Eternals must face off against him in the final act. It couldn't have been set up better.

    His power set makes for very dynamic reveals of not just his powers but the powers of the others also. Their powers against each other, too. We see the limits, the challenges, the reaction and limitations of the power sets of Ikaris and the other Eternals against each other. This was Captain America: Civil War done properly.

    eternals sprite icon gallery png transparent high resolutionSprite:
    Power: Illusion

    Without the deleted scenes, Sprite's magnitude of power is diminished exponentially. We wouldn't know she was responsible for human illusions such as gods, nations and money. Who knows what else? These are powerful concepts. I would contrast this power set with Druig's for a moment.

    Druig could mind control a population into belief in these things, but the concept would never branch out on its own into the rich tapestry we see over time. For the Eternals mission, they are charged with helping humans build, for themselves, a better world. They are acting as shepherds. I've discussed elsewhere the importance of Sprite in creating these things in Humanity.

    Sprite's colors are jade or aqua tones and silver. I've contrasted this lighter green shade with that of Sersi's richer green to possibly signify her physical immaturity; the way Arishem made her. It is an Individualistic color shared by no one else in the group. Her silver is Secondary, she is subservient to Ajak in the Thinker wing.

    Her colors never change much at all through the film. Except at the wedding, she (like everyone) has some measure of gold with her traditional jade or aqua tones. At the wedding, she is the only one unsmiling. That's because she loves Ikaris. No one seems to notice - even then.

    Her hair is the bright red orange tone of real-life Sprite Lightning. If red in Eternals is for mischief, Sprite has some, too. At the period of the wedding, her tones are very light, matching her costume's natural hue.

    We next see Sprite (chronologically) at Tenochtitlan where she dons the same tones but they are a bit darker. She's older now. She has lived on Earth and is, perhaps, a bit jaded (as many of them may be). Next, in present day, her tones are still that darker shade. At Amazon, her clothes have changed, but the color hues remain the same: her same natural colors with the same darker hue.

    At the end of the film, she is back in her individual colors in their natural hues - a jade jacket with a bright white color on the inside. Her jacket also has a measure of Purple trim. Maybe Sprite has returned to her old self but rebooted; refreshed. She's a human being now. And with purple Ego, she finally has something all for herself to strive for.

    Ultimately, Sprite has struggled with her nature. For some reason, Arishem created her to resemble a human child. Eternals were made to blend into all human striations. Sprite's visage probably caused a lot of problems after Babylon when they were trying to remain invisible in the population. This actually caused a rift between her and Kingo in Macedonia. He left because "people freak out when they notice you don't age." She doesn't fit in as an adult so she cannot form adult relationships. This can take a great toll over such long period of time.

    With the extra energy from the Uni-Mind, Sersi is able to use her power of transformation to change her into a human being if she wants that. It would give her the ability to live a natural life. She would actually be able to grow old and someday, die. Sersi offers her that experience. She can have what she's always wanted.

    Freed from Arishem's static prison, she is one Eternal that can now go forward and evolve.

    eternals phastos icon gallery png transparent high resolutionPhastos:
    Power: Technopath

    Technology is just the application of knowledge for practical use. Phastos uses the same piece of software again and again to perform an unlimited amount of tasks only limited by his imagination. Through the law of
    Conservation of Energy (energy is never created or destroyed), Phastos makes steps, projectile weapons and 3D buildspaces. The same particles used to hold Ikaris are used to fashion bracelets by which to harness Cosmic energy for the Uni-Mind and more.

    All of this came from the same source; Celestial Cosmic Energy. The power of Phastos may be the most versatile of all these Eternals save Sersi. But unlike Sersi, Phastos seems to have much more control over the ability than she does. He can transform the particles into whatever he wants them to be while she can transform anything yet, was limited by her understanding of how to accomplish it or in what ways.

    This is a joy to geeks everywhere demonstrated battling Ikaris. Phastos sends all sorts of energy projectiles and the energy dissolves with explosion only to be re-constituted and re-applied at his will into something else as quickly as he can imagine it. Not just offensive weaponry but defensive, too. Gilgamesh manifests one thing: gloves. Thena manifests several things: weapons. Kingo manifests raw Celestial energy out of his hands as does Ikaris from his eyes. Phastos can manifest Celestial energy on a scale limited only by his knowledge and imagination in practical application.

    Phastos is also a prolific fighter even though he's a Thinker on the Right side under Ajak. His versatility is unmatched on this team. He could lead them and he could fight to keep them safe simultaneously.

    Phastos is seen, first, out of uniform at the wedding in his traditional colors: purple, blue, silver and gold. Of everyone save Kingo, Phastos has the most colors. At Tenochtitlan, we see him in a very light blue, gold and purple. He seems to be very hopeful about the mission as he announces the end of the Deviants is near. His (purple) ego is part of who he is. Right now, it's tied to the mission. He views his personal success with the success with the success of the mission.

    The next time we see Phastos is at Hiroshima with Ajak. He's wearing gold in his glasses and flecked on the bow-tie and shirt stripe. There are silver tones (he is there with his team leader) and his blue hue looks almost completely washed away. His "mission" is about gone. At this moment, he is barely a god.. he has no rudder and his ego is squashed.

    Next, at his home in Chicago, we see Phastos in a color we never see him wear again - green. He's wearing a green sweater vest. He's in a regenerative stage with his new family. Something quite new is happening for him in this long, enduring life of an Eternal. A fleeting moment of Life in a child and husband. Beneath that green is a blue more like his traditional blue hue. Then, under that is a black and white stripe shirt.

    I took that motif to mean he is a man of science, a technocrat. When they approach him, he's going to have stark answers for them; probably answers they won't like. But that's who he is now. No longer the Thinker, he just wants to fix his child's bike. Yet, he still retains a measure of gold in his earrings. He's still a god.

    Once they leave his home, he dons a jacket of black & white further symbolizing his polarizing nature about all this. He doesn't really want to go but he must. Under the jacket is an extremely dark blue vest with a light blue or even silver-tone shirt under that.

    Once back on the Domo, he's in his extremely dark blue with possibly silver and gold. No purple. He's put his ego aside for the task. The dark blue suggests his "mission" (or faith) is quite tainted. He's learned the truth now.

    Finally, at the end of the film, we see Phastos in a very dark blue shirt which is later covered by a silver-type jacket. He's still wearing gold glasses and earrings. It could be, his faith is very dim, he's put on a new level of subservience to something different outside of Eternals.

    Three of them went off into space to enlighten other Eternals to Arishem's design. We don't know what the other three planned to do. Phastos wears no purple in the end. He's forsaken his own ego? He's at peace finally with his family?

    Phastos, with Sersi and Kingo, is taken by Arishem at the end of the film. We don't know why, exactly. But, he has established himself as a family man with a husband and a son. That is where his responsibility lies. He no longer exists for Arishem, he exists for his family and he's fully tied to them now. Whatever his future holds, his motivation is to get back to them; to rescue them (again) from Arishem's promise to return in judgment.

    eternals sersi icon gallery png transparent high resolutionSersi:
    Power: Transformation / Transmutation

    Sersi is an Empath. She is in touch with the state of humanity on a mental or emotional level. Thena recognizes that Sersi has loved these people since the day they arrived. This may be why Ajak prompted her to be the bridge to the human community when she fashioned a dagger for the boy at the beginning of the film. Sersi can be that synapse from the finger of god to that of "adam". The connection.

    The first time we see her out of costume, she is naked - along with Ikaris. Next, at the wedding, she is in her traditional colors of green and silver hue. But like everyone in this time period of the Eternals existence, she also is wearing ornate gold.

    These Eternals are experiencing the pinnacle of their mission and their expression of Divinity (gold) is on full display. It's also a high point for her personally. She is in love.

    Next, at Tenochtitlan, her colors are her traditional green but accompanied by a dark blue hue. If we stop for a moment to consider, Sersi does not seem to consider what is happening with humans very much. Is her empathy waning? Druig is the one pointing out the genocide.

    Is Sersi so deeply mired in the dogma of the mission that she can't see the harm it may be doing humanity as a whole? There is slight gold on her, most notably on the necklace she wears that contains the stone she transformed to resemble the eyes of Ikaris.

    In the present, we first see Sersi photographing the dagger on a billboard. She is wearing mostly greens and dark hues with a slight traditional light hue popping out the neck. She is worn by time.. maybe her beliefs and faith are weary but she has some of her old self in there. The gold necklace she shares with Ikaris validates her divine status as an Eternal through Ikaris and their love.

    She's wearing a blue cap. That's because she's teaching a class on evolution. She's still keeping up her part of the Mission in the small way she can. She's elevating humankind in the way she knows how. She's passing on this important measure of information on how organic beings transform (that's her ability) from one thing to another.

    Next, still in the present, we see Sersi talking with Dane. She now wears a long blue scarf. This could mean she is now being drawn back into the mission. The Deviants have resurfaced, Ikaris is back, the team must reassemble. She must leave her current life as a human for a while and find out what is going on.

    Up until the Uni-Mind, Sersi is wearing a very dark blue and green plaid shirt with "silver" tone shirt. Her traditional colors, just dark. She's at the end of her mission rope. Her faith is ebbing. She gets the Arishem hammer in a zoom call and has to tell everyone else the truth. And, she's now Prime Eternal responsible to Arishem for Tiamut's Emergence all at once. She's dimmed, but not out.

    After the Uni-Mind, she is back in her traditional green and silver tones. She has been victorious. The team rallied around her and her power. Phastos was able to use the Arishem device installed within her to connect all of them, uniting their energy. She has offered Sprite a great gift with the remainder of her energy from the Uni-Mind - a most empathetic gift.

    She now understands she can change Sprite (a sentient being) into a human (another sentient being). She didn't think she could do that before. In fact, it seemed part of her programming as an android that told her she couldn't do it.

    It is Sersi's empathy for humanity that is able to save it. First, she is able to see past Arishem's plan as being "archaic and violent" as a reasoning for why she, personally, cannot allow Earth to be destroyed in the Emergence. Next, Tiamut is able to learn this from the connection to the Uni-Mind. They were able to stop the Emergence with the help of Tiamut. It probably sensed her empathy through this connection.

    But, ultimately, Sersi is judged. She, Phastos and Kingo are taken up by Prime Celestial Arishem. He tells them they have decided to kill a Celestial to save Earth and he will return in judgment. All three are seized in a great vortex and vanish.. leaving their apparent loved ones behind.

    eternals makkari icon gallery png transparent high resolutionMakkari:
    Power: Speed

    Makkari's colors are red, silver and gold. Gold is for divinity and primary, silver is for secondary. Director Chloe Zhao has said the color red stood for mischief. It seems right, since Makkari and Druig both share a level of being off on their own, doing their own thing a lot of the time. She's secondary to Ikaris on the Left side as a Fighter (and to Ajak as a whole on the team).

    Makkari's power may be the most stunning to witness at times. She flogged Ikaris against the rock in revenge for what he did to Druig (and the others) with vicious abandon. She seems to hurl herself at the object she is fighting again and again (as she did with Deviants prior) with great and ferocious speed and power.

    A Fighter on the Left side under Ikaris, she's a great tool to have in the toolbox. In one of the documentaries about the movie, Makkari is the fastest woman in the universe. She can create a supersonic blast when she hits the opponent for extra punch. Moving faster than sound, the blast adds extra concussive power. This, on top of the force of her own powerful cosmic form imbued by Arishem.

    Overall, Makkari is mysterious and solitary. In ancient Babylon, she is seen as a collector of objects even back then. She seeks the elusive Emerald Tablet. About Makkari, she's named here after the god Mercury who evolved from the Egyptian deity figure Thoth, the god of wisdom and literature. You can hear the phonetic similarity between the two names: Makkari and Mercury. Thoth was said to have created the Emerald Tablet and taught the Egyptians to read and write.

    Mercury was, of course, also a deity with winged feet who could travel very fast. I enjoy how Eternals dips into ancient myth and legend to paint these characters with some ancient color. She is collecting a trove of artifacts of mankind on the Domo because she's witnessed mankind destroyed their own history and culture. That, too, was in a deleted scene. Most of the deleted scene material had much to contribute to the subtext to the film, however, the editing room floor can get very full.

    The first time we see Makkari out of costume is at the wedding, of course. Then, at Tenochtitlan. No real surprises from Makkari, she is dressed in her traditional tones. Meeting up with the rest of the family on the Domo, she's wearing her colors except now with a black shirt. Like Druig, she's a bit checked out from everything. She even expresses her extreme boredom and desire to simply go home. Upon learning she has no home (Olympia does not exist), that feeling is compounded.

    The next time we see Makkari, she's changed her jacket. The red tone of the leather is really faded and jaded. It isn't the crisp, bright red of her uniform even though her bandana remains the traditional red and silver tones as do her bright red and white high-tops. She's taken a hit but she's still relatively on point. As with her costume, her gold is sort of mixed into the overall design.

    In her civilian clothing here, it's in the lettering of the graphic tee. Yet, she still always has the subtle gold of her gold rings. I must have watched Eternals many, many times without ever noticing Makkari's costume had gold. It's so very understated but is laced throughout with gold pinstriping.

    Toward the end of the film, back on Ajak's ranch, Makkari wears the same graphic tee of black, red, silver and gold tones. It's all her costume tones except for the black which is new and a perhaps permanent addition to her persona from all that has happened. Like Druig (who wears all black now) she's just brooding. Yet, through it all, she retains her gold rings. She's still a god. Her divinity remains.

    Makkari is on the Domo with Thena and Druig at the end of the film. They have decided to embark on a new mission; one they've made for themselves. They want to enlighten other Eternals in the galaxies far away to what they, themselves, have witnessed. They want to give other Eternals a choice whether to blindly follow Arishem's violent, archaic way or to break free as they did. She tells Druig she thinks they will listen because, "the truth will set them free".

    eternals gilgamesh icon gallery png transparent high resolutionGilgamesh:
    Power: Cosmic Exoskeleton & Super Strength

    Gilgamesh is such a likeable character in the film. He's a big heart, he speaks in a quiet voice and is very protective over Thena. He likes to cook, tell stories and poke fun at Sprite for looking "younger" than she normally does. A corny uncle. A deeply loyal brother. His colors are copper and green. Since I've made Gold primary and Silver secondary, I've called copper tertiary. So, in this context and concerning Gilgamesh, I'll call it his humility in the group.

    At Babylon 575 B.B.E., Gilgamesh is seen as a very integral part of the warrior aspect in the Eternals Left side. The Fighter wing revolves around him, almost. He's in the middle with the others flanking. He takes on the giant beast himself while the others provide support.

    His ability to use cosmic energy to form exoskeleton gauntlets (around his fists and forearms) allows him to punch with extreme power. This exoskeleton can manifest elsewhere as he stomps the forest floor against Kro with his leg. It seems right he could use it as armor against an attack, also. Some of these Eternals - it could be extrapolated - their powers can do more than they may be showing us in the movie.

    Several times in the film, we see Gilgamesh - by himself - stopping a Deviant attack with single offensive blows. His gauntlets or gloves are also used defensively to combat Thena during her Mahd W'yry episodes. He might be the Hulk of their group. His green hue might represent a few things. Green represents potent energy, which can certainly be applied to Gilgamesh. It also symbolizes things like peace, rest and security. These are elements Thena finds in her relationship with him after Tenochtitlan.

    While at Tenochtitlan, Thena is found by Ajak to have Mahd W'yry and wants to erase her memories as a way to solve the problem. Instead, Gilgamesh offers to watch over her even at the risk of his own life. He becomes a balm to Thena; a partner even if platonic. He provides a sturdy shoulder she can lean on. She's traumatized and at risk. But, she trusts him. Two of the most powerful beings on Earth leaning on each other. It's an inspiration :)

    The first time we see Gilgamesh out of costume is at the wedding. He's in his traditional copper and green tones but also (like everyone else there) he's got a measure of gold as well. This period of time for the Eternals is their pinnacle on Earth of accomplishment. They are truly all of them, beings who from heaven came down to Earth.

    At Tenochtitlan, his tones are that his natural costume - evoking copper and green. But he still retains a level of gold hues, also. Gilgamesh evokes a real divinity of these Eternals. Even though he doesn't exhibit gold on his natural costume, he is truly beloved by all and has no ambitions of his own outside the mission to help humanity. He's pure of heart.

    The Epic of Gilgamesh is a real story from ancient Sumer (Babylon) and the Sumerian people. It's a Babylonian creation myth that mirrors the flood story of the Judaeo-Christian-Islamic narrative. The meta reference is poignant. Sprite weaves a tale about Gilgamesh to the city through her illusion, evoking the idea such a character was embedded into their cultural heritage through this storytelling. He's seen in said illusion battling Deviants like a great hero of old; the legendary figure that would be passed down through the ages.

    In Australia, we see Gil wearing a hodgepodge of colors. But, his suspenders and trousers are his natural colors and gold clips that signify his dive status. This may be because he's taken on the mantle of caring for his sister Eternal. This group came down to Earth to care for humanity, now, Gilgamesh has a new arc, he's reaching out to her, instead.

    Over the suspenders are other tones like the apron's pink around his neck which just might represent a crush on Thena. His white shirt might symbolize that, like Thena, he's checked out (he's blank) and they are both living in this sort of empty place from day to day surviving. Thena is in a bad place and Gil seems to be drinking a lot. Sersi mentions a global earthquake, he replies, "I thought I was drunk".

    Next, we see Gilgamesh in Amazon. He's wearing his traditional tones except, no gold. It could be foreshadowing the idea gods can actually die. His brown vest covers the suspenders and gold clips. His death changes everything for the team. Now, they have lost their spiritual leader but also their friend; someone they all just personally love.

    When it's revealed Ikaris killed Ajak, Kingo is inflamed, "Gilgamesh died because of you!" because Ajak would have been there to heal him. His loss to these Eternals cannot be overstated. Plus, Thena is left without support. Her partner of all this time is gone.

    The loss of Gilgamesh is a rallying point for these Eternals. Things have really changed now. The Deviants have taken his power and evolved into creatures who speak and communicate. With Gilgamesh, the team was able to handle pretty much anything.

    Now, his great power is gone from the equation. He is gone and Thena is unreliable. There's also no Healer to back them up if there is another major injury. The Deviants seem a little more powerful than the team might be and the Emergence is coming.

    eternals thena icon gallery png transparent high resolutionThena:
    Power: Formation of Cosmic Weapons

    Thena is a superior warrior. Her costume is covered in gold armor. Unlike most of the others, her costume seems to be actual armor and not ceremonial dress. She was the legendary protector of the city of ancient Athens, Greece, that was named in her honor. Her visage inspired most if not all of the female protagonist fighters through Earth's Western history like Artemis and Diana, among others prior.

    Her colors are gold and white tones along with solid gold. She's a god (gold) and her PTSD in the form of Mahd W'yry leaves her vacant or empty on a certain level (represented by white). Her white tones seem to represent that something is missing. A blankness.

    Her traumatic illness causes her to turn on the other Eternals at the same time the Deviants are being exterminated from the planet. As their mission is ending, she begins malfunctioning. Ajak suggests the only thing to be done is to erase her memories, take her back to the ship and inform Arishem. Druig interferes and the others question if she will even be Thena anymore if that happens. Thena desperately wants to remember her life.

    It's at this time Gilgamesh steps in and offers to watch over her even at the risk to his own life. Ajak tells him bluntly that one day when she attacks him, he may have to kill her. He says he will take that chance. This begins a long and fruitful relationship between the two.

    The first time we see Thena out of uniform is at the wedding. She is wearing her traditional colors of gold and white only. Unlike the others, she almost always appears with some measure of solid gold, not just gold tones. At the wedding, she's wearing a gold necklace, rings and a bracelet. Next, at Tenochtitlan, her garment is gold and white but she's also wearing some type of golden brooch at the neck and shoulders and also gold bracelets.

    I still am unsure what this actually means - that she is always seen with solid gold as opposed to just gold tones. In Australia, she wears all white with gold earrings. Perhaps because she's been triggered and she's at a low point in her Mahd W'yry (her PTSD illness).

    In Amazon, Thena dons all white tones with a rather huge solid gold medallion on her hip. Look closer, it even has symbology on it that looks like it might unspool into her natural costume's armor at a moment's notice. She's wearing this outfit until the Uni-Mind. At the end of the film, she is in all white with gold earrings and rings.

    Thena doesn't change or evolve much through the film. She's a god and a solid fighter any team would be blessed to have at their back. She's a supremely strong woman who allows an equally strong man care for her when she needs him. Her natural ability to fashion weapons out of cosmic energy makes her possibly the third-most versatile Eternal in the group behind Sersi and Phastos.

    There is subtle hint, though, at what transpired between Thena and Kro during their battle. No major character enters a cave without a transformation. Kro now has the power to change beings through whatever ability he absorbed through Ajak. He changed the other Deviants into more powerful and deadly creatures. He attempts to take Thena's power while imitating Gilgamesh, saying to her, "Thena, remember." This was a call from Gil for her to always remember her life. Thena is able to kill Kro as his power raced through her.

    Once he is dead, Thena shakes it off and we, the viewer, see her exit the cave and observe the Emergence far out in the water.. if we look closer, it seems familiar to her. It's as if her memories have returned or been restored to her. It seems whatever Kro was attempting to do backfired and released her memories to her instead of killing her. She seems to have recall, now, of the prior Emergences and Tiamut (a Celestial coming forth out of a planet) was something she remembered seeing before.

    Thena's future is now with Makkari and Druig aboard the Domo. They are off on their own mission to find other Eternals. They want to bring a level of enlightenment concerning Arishem's design so that others can make their own decision. They meet up with Eros and Pip who have their own zoom device. They know where the others are, and they are in trouble.

    eternals kingo icon gallery png transparent high resolutionKingo:
    Power: Energy Blasts from Hands (finger bombs)

    Kingo is a lot of fun is this movie. Karun is the only human that seems to have had long-term knowledge of these Eternals and they have some comedic fun with that. He's able to bomb the Deviants with cosmic energy from his hands. He's able to charge the blast to a larger force the more time he has available.

    His costume colors are purple with silver hue and gold accents and what appears to be a very dark red hue. Overall, Kingo is very protective over the less powerful Eternals and is always there to put himself between them and harm's way when he can. He's very loyal in that sense and is definitely a good warrior to have on your flank.

    We see Kingo at the wedding in his traditional colors. Next, at Tenochtitlan, his colors are a dark red with purple, a gold hue but no silver. Perhaps at this point in his life, he is feeling very much off on his own and not very subservient to the team leaders. That may be because (as Druig so eloquently points out) the mission is turning out to not really be a success and somewhat shameful to anyone really paying attention.

    Kingo is the link from Tenochtitlan to modern day as Ajak sets them all loose and asks them to try and find a life for themselves. We skip to Kingo in his own version of the costume of Ikaris. This is an interesting juxtaposition in the examination of a character. He's completely out of his traditional colors altogether. He's not "himself".

    Kingo has always had a mancrush on Ikaris and has looked up to him since the beginning. Since he can't expose himself to the world as Kingo the Eternal, he will play act the role of Ikaris before all as part of this Bollywood superstar manifestation.

    At this time, Kingo has lost himself in the glitzy (and gaudy) version of the Eternals and their mission. A faux god complete with rhinestones flying on a wire. Blue and gold are on display, but there's nothing divine or purposeful about it. The whole thing comes out of Kingo's purple (Ego), his main color, to be a Bollywood movie star.

    Not just once but as himself for a few generations as his great grandfather, grandfather and father, also. It's worth mentioning here that Kingo's color motif as a movie star is gold and purple: an egotistical god.

    Once leaving the film set, he dons a bright purple jacket with lots of bright colors. The jacket zipper is bright gold as is the bright gold belt buckle. The design (what I could see) on the jacket has many colorful tones all from his traditional hues.

    The next time Kingo has a wardrobe change, they are on board the Domo, together. His jacket is a wildly colorful array. More than his natural colors, the coat contains green - a color we never see Kingo wear again in the film. This could be a foreshadowing of what is to come. His life is experiencing renewal, overall.

    He isn't tied to the Mission any longer. His ego has pushed him to do what Ajak wanted; to make a life for himself outside the mission. He's found a measure of that for himself. He's going to be asked to choose sides soon. But he won't. He will choose himself. He will choose the life he's made outside the mission.

    Kingo may be the only one (save Phastos) who has really made something new for himself. His Bollywood empire continues to grow, it employs many people. He has a relationship with his trusted Karun who has known the truth about him for over fifty years. None of the others have done anything close to this in terms of establishing real growth in their lives. They all seem or seemed to have been wandering or just providing maintenance to existing problems.

    The brightness of the hues in this coat may express that whatever Kingo is feeling at this time, he's feeling it quite strongly and lively. The tones are not dull or worn. He's not haggard or seemingly spent as his tones might convey at Tenochtitlan. He's rejuvenated and desirous of moving forward in his own life and in what he has made for himself. Ajak would be proud.

    When Ikaris attacks, Kingo is not wearing the coat. He's wearing a black shirt from underneath. His trousers have a silver stripe going up the side and he's wearing a silver watch. After all, he still sees himself as under Ikaris in the team hierarchy. Not just admiring him and wishing to be more like him as an Eternal, but possibly just the idea he knows Ikaris is much more powerful.

    I caught a bit of discontinuity in the film with Kingo's shirt here. He's wearing one shirt in the same scene, then a slightly different one moments later. But that's OK :) The black shirt he wears during this breakdown of the family has a design that is hard to make out. But it seems to contain red and white hues.

    During this conflict with Ikaris, he is without any gold. This could represent Ikaris putting him on his ass and sort of usurping his divinity altogether with both his power and authority within the group/family. The only thing representing the mission Kingo wears at this time are blue shoelaces. Everything else he wears is just black.

    It's a dark moment for him. Especially learning what really happend to Ajak and that Gil could have been saved.. all because of a brother he loved and trusted so much. And, he's about to be beaten by Ikaris - actually put on his backside by that brother's power.

    We don't see Kingo again until the end of the film. He chooses not to participate in the Uni-Mind because, in the end, he still has faith in Arishem's design. But unlike the other faction going on, he will not fight or attempt to harm anyone for his beliefs. This was very poignant because it was a choice unlike any of the others.

    Kingo opted out of the entire plan and decided to let nature take its course; to let whatever happen, happen. Even though he chose a path of non conflict, he is still judged by Arishem. He's one of three (with Phastos and Sersi) taken up and away until such time Arishem will return to determine the worthiness of Earth (and these Eternals) for sacrificing a Celestial.


    The Mission (posted 2/11/22)

    eternals sitting around arishem In the initial crawl, Eternals are sent to Earth to eliminate the Deviants. We are also told Eternals have unyielding faith in Arishem (Prime Celestial) on the Mission. After many viewings and much scrutiny, the Mission of the Eternals became so much more apparent than ever before. I began to view them as a data packet sent within the Domo (their ship) not just with a specific mission, but as a specific mission.

    The Celestials sent 10 individuals probably because Base-10 math is important to their plan or their function (or ours?). The dagger Sersi gives to ancient Man contains ten raised golden dots which later is shown to be among "artifacts that shaped human history". Maybe that is a personal pact with humanity to engage with and commit to the future of mankind. When they arrive to the primitive civilization, it is (Prime) Ajak who looks to Sersi and gives her the go-ahead to engage with the boy. Sersi picks up a common dagger and transforms it before handing it to the boy. It does seem to represent some sort of conscious effort to make an offering of some kind to the human community on behalf of these Eternals.

    Sersi's 10 dot dagger EternalsThe transformed dagger is made of blue and gold; the colors which represent these Eternals, essentially. Gold is for Divinity come down from above to mankind. Blue for the Mission of these Eternals - to protect humans from the Deviants (and help them build a better world). The raised dots on the dagger form a
    Tetractys; a wildly mystical symbol through the ages. Tetractys has play in things like high mathematics (Pythagoreanism), religous symbology such as Kabbalah and Tarot, and something as ordinary as the way 10 bowling pins are arranged in the lane. Sersi hands the dagger to the boy wth the "point" of the triangle away from her, toward him. Could it an arrow of sorts? "From us to you"?

    It isn't immediately clear why 10 is the number chosen here when perhaps 12 might be a more compelling number. Humanity has made the number 12 historic when choosing that number for primary zodiac objects in the sky, the number of objects contained in a dozen, we have 12 months, etc. But, each Eternal performs a different and specific function within the Mission. The primary function of the Mission itself (as they believe it to be) is to kill Deviants. With two "wings" of the Mission - the Fighter side and the Thinker Side - it seems the Fighters are there to protect the overall Mission so the Thinkers can get the actual work done.

    What is the work here? What's the Mission breakdown?

    Eternals view the mission as protecting humanity from the Deviants; to keep them safe, to help them build a better world, to advance their cultures. Ultimately, that may be true. We learn later, there is an underlying mission known only to Prime Eternal Ajak. Seeded within Earth for billions of years is a Celestial seed called Tiamut. Tiamut has been growing all this time - feeding on the energy of intelligent life. Deviants were consuming humans, therefore, Tiamut was not getting its protein. Eternals were sent to kill the Deviants so humanity could grow and feed Tiamut to the required amount until Emergence.

    *Thanos snapped away half the population of the universe - pausing Emergences on planets everywhere.

    In the meantime, these Eternals view the mission as protecting humanity from the Deviants and advancing human civilization in progressive development. In Babylon 575 B.C.E., this is seen clearly. Gilgamesh, Thena, Kingo, Ikaris and Makkari do battle outside the gates to repel the Deviants. While, inside the walls, Phastos devises technology for humanity and the rest of the Thinkers advise on that. Ajak thinks the steam engine is too soon, thus, a plow.

    The mission, as they see it (The Thinkers) is very much about viewing Earth as a technocratic and peaceful place (even if Druig must step in and control them from time-to-time). Even if they, individually, have no personal connection to humanity, these Eternals - through the Mission - have a vision for mankind that is not dangerous or destructive. How horrifying must it be when learning about the truth of Arishem's Design.

    There was no love from fans over Ikaris or his disallegiance. None. But he had to live with that secret for a very, very long time. He was probably a good, loyal soldier boy with bright faith in Arishem. When in Babylon, Ajak tells him exactly that; she knows his faith is strong. Then, Ajak told him the truth about the mission when they left Babylon. That would mess with anyone's head.

    In the light of the Mission, which is to advance human civilization, the two heavy hitting forces on this team are Phastos and Sprite. Of all Eternals, why those two? Phastos stands for technology. Sprite stands for belief systems. The way I'm seeing this mission, these two things are dual pillars. Technology is the outer "skin" while belief systems are the inner "bone" of a structure. Tech is the software, beliefs are the hardware. The deleted scenes reveal Sprite as being responsible for weaving the long-held illusion narratives of mankind's belief in things like gods, nations and money.

    eternals godsModern mankind could not function without belief in gods, nations and money. Throughout time, what would mankind be without coming together in places of common worship? Religion has been a real bonding element for humanity. Whether Sprite, herself, has any belief in what she is spinning to them, is unknown. Whether she is leading them based off their individual tribal belief systems, we don't know. It makes sense she would. It seems rational she would enter a culture and thicken or further develop the themes already existing in the region.

    eternals nationsOr, when lines of border were drawn and the inhabitants ban together in national sovereignty? Nationality or Nationalism - or even Patriotism is an identification with a common people within a physical border. The graphic to the left is modern day France, or ancient Gaul.. the borders changing through time demostrates the inhabitants inside and outside the borders and their belief in the border. Someone's house remains on one side of the border or the other even as a law changes or a government changes or a war happens. Strip away all the lines on all the maps and it is all about belief in the end.

    Finally, what could mankind ever be in any modern facet without the exchange of money/currency to buy and sell goods and services from each other? eternals moneyIn this, Sprite is enormously powerful. Through mankind's 7,000 year history, the inference here is Sprite has led them from scattered believers-in-nothing who live in uncoordinated tribes that don't interact much to what we see today:

    Nation-states with strong religious and civic institutions that exchange goods and services on a global scale.

    But it all began with humans believing in the worth of the thing they were trading and the thing they were receiving in exchange. Trade between communities begins with establishing worth; common worth. That leads to currency which is of the same value. My dollar or pound is the same as your dollar or pound. We can use a number of them to purchase a good or service. But, it begins with belief.


    eternals place of worshipPhastos is shown to have delivered to mankind technology which makes all of the above possible. Math and the ability to make mortar allows for people to build places of worship. Humans can make civic structures and infrastructure where they can achieve the administration of governments, religious functions, banks, libraries, etc. Measurement of the Earth plots the ground for maps and courses that make nations and borders possible. It also makes possible for new and higher forms of war. Complex counting and along with new and higher forms of accounting and the physical ability to make coins from gold and silver is, in essence, money.

    Phastos is able to sum up this entire theme briefly as he talks with Sersi and Ikaris in his home:

    "Conflicts lead to war and war actually leads to advacement in life-saving technology and medicine. So, our mission was never to make a peaceful and harmonious world, but to increase the population at all cost; just farming humans as food for the Celestials".


    Themes of Worship (posted 2/18/22)

    eternals ancient worship
    Director Chloe Zhao inspired this chapter. In the blu ray audio commentary - right away - she talked about ideas like sacred worship, sacred symbols and symbology in the film in Earth's ancient past. Eternals evoke meta themes, obviously, but in many layers. Like a cake. In one layer, Celestials are worshipped by Eternals. In another layer, mankind saw Eternals killing Deviants and worshipped them in all their different cultures. Eternals were their protectors, mentors and even saviors. Eventually, Eternals become a singular thing to humanity, reaching back over the eons - reflected back in the star patterns. No one really knows which came first.

    It was a joy to hear this conversation in the audio commentary. I didn't really see Domo as their Church (as she called it) or place of worship. But it really makes sense. She said that and immediately, in my head, The Domo became St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City for some reason. A flying point while inside, people are on some holy mission for their deity. Or, even any Mormon Temple with the pointed spire theme (only my personal interpretation upon hearing in the moment). Overlooked a bit in the opening crawl is the fact these Eternals are very "religious" beings.

    They went on this mission with the belief they were making a better life for humans on planet Earth.

    It could be said they bring the idea of faith with them to mankind. Maybe they enhance it. Sprite turns out to be the "god" of belief systems as a whole. The deleted scenes are important. She wove into mankind's evolution their beliefs in gods, nations and money (all illusions). At the end of the film, these Eternals see themselves echoed in mankind back to them a reflection of their own inspirations. The statue of Athena in the museum must be corrected by Sprite to represent who it really came from: Thena. No A.

    eternals cuneiform symbologyFor Eternals, this reflection shines through in the art design of the Celestial Glow and what Zhao said was the cuneiform inspiration for some of the symbology. Also, taking from the cross-use of all cultures across the globe (and through time) using the most basic geometric shapes.

    Circles, triangles, arcs, squares, patterns. Eternals breaks down the design function into a basic aesthetic. This provides a most "global" approach, in that, the specificity is almost rendered out. The viewer can see many things in the design structure. The templates inspire imagination on that level. Much the same way, I imagine, the cosmos inspired humans to assign shapes to constellations. Star Constellations are simply points in space viewed from a particular location. Then, eventually, those shapes became fully-fledged individuals. Those individuals had powers and abilities with back stories and archenemies, weapons and frailties. What I just described might be the earliest comic book super hero.

    For Eternals, the filmmakers went for a planetary body effect. I couldn't help being transported back to Moore & Eick's Battlestar Galactica. In that show, zodiac symbols are used strongly. In the story, people from a different planetary system have a kinship with Earth because they believe their ancestors came from there. They look out into the heavens and see celestial formations they worship; the same way humans worshipped anthropomorphic shapes in the heavens on Earth.

    These people end up seeking out the road to Earth when their civilization is destroyed. They find an ancient star map showing them the way to Earth. The map is shown through Earth's ancient celestial bodies - celestial bodies familiar to this civilization on the run. These people have never been on Earth to know how to use the map. They have never seen the stars the way Earthlings have. There's one, single planetary body in one figure they recognize from their home worlds. From this common point, they are able to understand a direction toward Earth they otherwise would not have known. A common "symbol" in the heavens along with shared celestial forms.

    This is a common language used by the two civilizations over a great span of time. It is a primitive communication, but one that can still be understood even after so much time has passed. All Eternals have some form of planetary symbol on their costumes.. planetary symbols as seen from afar. Circles/spheres (planets) overlapping or the circumferences (edges) touching or coming close is a common one.

    Arcs and joining shapes unique to each character are found on each of their uniforms and, basically, define the characters. Eternals are these beings. We are told they came from Olympia, but this turns out to be untrue. We learn Arishem made them as synthetic beings. But it seems there is a level of identity also associated with Eternals and it has something to do with their suits and the symbology on them.

    Could it be a combination of who they are as people as well as them being creations of Arishem? Could it be more than Arishem programmed Ajak to be a healer? Could it be she is a healer and maybe that's part of why he chose her for this mission, for example?

    The Golden Celestial Glow is what gives them their powers and their costumes.. but does it give them their original, rudimentary cosmic symbology? They manifest their Cosmic Glow even without their costumes. For example, Makkari runs (in civilian clothing) but her body lights up with the pattern of her costume. The gloves of Gilgamesh still manifest with cuneiform-type glyphs whether or not he wears his costume. They are imbued with these individual patterns no matter what they do. It is who they are. However, it's still tied to the Domo somehow, and worship/belief in Arishem. The Domo is their sacred center. It's the first place we see them donning their costumes and the last place we see them in costume with the Uni-Mind.

    Eternals are a data packet sent by Arishem; a Brain Unit. They, themselves, are a function of Arishem. Like the tetractys symbol on the dagger given to primal man by these Eternals, there is a pyramidal structure. It comes from the top down with Arishem as Prime and Ajak below him on this Mission. The hierarchical sub-dealings in the brain sides (Fighters and Thinkers) I've discussed at length in The Brain entry. It kind of all has an aspect in faith; belief. No one is getting paid. At the onset, we understand these beings came to Earth of their own free will. They brought their own individual gifts and abilities to The Mission to help Earth build a better world by killing Deviants.

    The Domo is their hub. It's the seed pod in which they have been sent from the World Forge toward Earth. Everything they need is inside. When they awaken to consciousness, they are prepared and know their function already. No one has to tell them. This aspect of worship and faith is present with them within the Domo before they get to Earth. Who knows what level of faith and worship is present on Earth prior to meeting Eternals in this film.

    Director Zhao made note of the soundscape of Eternals and how aspects of Eternals' powers were made to embody sacred worship. The subtle humming of the Domo and also Ajak's zoom device and when Sprite creates an illusion. Humming is just a vibration at any frequency. Religious worship from the most ancient times made use of objects and instruments to create optimal vibrational pitch to achieve specific end.

    The most efficient vibration, possibly, comes from the human body and the vocal cords. Humans have used humming/voice and ritual speech or in meditation rituals and ceremonies since the beginning. Shaman and healers sought to explore the sacred pitch at which healing could be achieved. In fact, the day I posted this, I saw an interesting paper on the matter. Also, theorists have put forth that vibration was responsible for ancient methods of levitation which moved the impossibly large blocks like those at the Giza pyramids and Baalbek Stones in modern-day Lebanon.

    *These stones cannot even be moved in 2022 by any technology. Irakis and Gil?

    Zhao also mentioned Druig's mind control powers and how they manifested in that of a "whisper" or "chant". The language of a Telepath in the MCU is a whisper or voice. Meaning, accompanied with the directive (or, the directive itself) is a whisper or chant. She said she wanted the powers to manifest in such a way they would feel like an origin of sacred worship, themselves. Kingo's hands light up in symbology when he is finger-bombing. The object Sersi is transforming becomes rudimentary glyphs. Zhao said the powers of Eternals manifest as elemental in sounds like water or blowing breeze. Of course, chanting for sacred purposes is an ancient practice all over the globe.

    Chanting can be found in current tribes of the Amazon and in ancient peoples of the Indus Valley (and beyond). The structure of Stonehenge is thought to be a place where people gathered to perform some type of audible ritual or rite during festival gatherings with the enormous stone pillars acting as an ancient form of acoustics. It formed some type of outdoor structure like an amphitheatre. Religious chanting still occurs today in modern Christian monasteries brought down through Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox traditions. Adhan of Islam (The Call to Islam prayer) is also considered a form of chant.

    In Judaism, young people learn the scriptures through chanting. Some would say Navajo code talkers and the Navajo use a method of chanting.. the Navajo language was sought out during WWII for the expressed purpose of being able to transmit over open frequencies as a language basically unbreakable by the enemy. Navajo Storytellers can tell stories of almost infinite length because they parse words and phrases at specific intervals with advanced method of repetition and use of symbology. It is quite fascinating.

    So many religions and cultures use chanting. Ultimately, when broken down into ancient origins, religions and belief systems are coming from elemental sources. Humans are drawing from what they see around them. The heavens at night are the seas and rivers during the day. The dawn of the morning is the moonrise at dusk.

    Zhao also talked about Eternals being a Missionary function sent by Celestials. She said they are not a military function. I would disagree. Eternals have a military function within their Brain Unit. The Mission, itself, is Missionary. But the Fighters on the Left Side are definitely military. They are there to protect Mankind (and The Mission) from the Deviants. She said their costumes were made to be ceremonial - they don't need armor, per se, because Eternals are already strong.

    The design of their look is to represent them (in form) to Mankind; not to protect them from anything. On the left, the members even look more like warriors. Gilgamesh and Thena.. Ikaris. They look ready for battle even though they are not specifically wearing armor. But on the right side, the team members do look almost totally ceremonial. Phastos looks quite stately even though he turns out to be an impressive fighter.

    Speaking of ceremony, the Prime Eternal fits this perfectly. The first time I saw Ajak, it brought back an image I'd seen of Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec goddess. Don't see it? We all process associations differently :). I think it's her crown or headdress. It could also be her appearance.

    She would visually be construed in this context as an ancient deity in the Mid-America region. I immediately envisioned her as someone Mesoamerican tribes would look at and identify with simply based on the way she looks. She would appear to them as a female human from that region. Her dress truly is the most ceremonial of all these Eternals. And why not? She represents them in full. Quetzalcoatl is a bright, colorful and ceremonial deity when portrayed as female. When portrayed as male, of course, he is warmongering and a killer.

    Druig's robes really do resemble a dark priest. Or, call it Sith Lord, but I could see Druig in a
    monastery somewhere. And his demeanor is that of what a priest maybe should be: compassionate, wise, understanding, introspective, patient-in-action. Druig is a fav of mine. He is perhaps the most understated Eternal of the group. His character is the nexus in the film for a few heady ideas: genocide, rebellion within the family and agreeing to spearhead the Uni-Mind with his powers to put Tiamut to sleep. I think there is more going on here than we realize. My pet theory is he is not just "mind control" guy. Druig is a Telepath. How can he control the mind of a Celestial and not control the mind of an Eternal?

    Yet, Druig never steps in to stop Thena during her Mahd W'yry episode. Also, when Sersi asks Ikaris, "What have you done?" in relation to Ajak's death, Druig takes a slight moment, then announces, "He killed her". I like to think he has the full abilities of a Telepath but refuses to invade the thoughts of others without their permission (like Charles Xavier). He does so with humans because that's his mission as an Eternal. I think we just don't know it yet. Sersi was under the impression she could not change anything sentient. That turned out to be false. Due to the reveal of their natures as androids, who and what they are is subject for \alteration".

    eternals phastos uni-mindThe other thinkers all look very ceremonial in their dress. Their appearance is that of people I would expect to see in a really cosmic, futuristic religious commune. Unlike the fighters, they don't look ready to fight. They look ready to create and dream. The true purpose of the Eternals Mission is for the Thinkers to work on building a better civilization for Mankind so it can flourish. The function of the Fighters is to protect humans and the Thinkers. They must ensure Mankind has a safe space to grow and the Thinkers have room to do their work. A more advanced civilization leads to higher population through everything from better hygiene to advancements in life-saving technology.. which then lead to humans living longer and the overall population of Earth growing exponentially. Until... Emergence.


    A True Hollywood Spectacle (9/19/22)

    eternals babylon to amazon mission Not many films today boast a star-studded line up. In true Superhero fashion, every Eternal actor boasts at least one award or nomination. From Academy Award winner, down to nominations for smaller awards. Not that awards of this type necessarily validate an actor as a Star.

    Also, the event that was the Eternals Premiere in Hollywood took on a life of its own. At one point, actor Salma Hayek paused her interview to point out the moon in the evening sky. She commented, in true Ajak fashion, the beauty of that moment and how everyone there should stop for a moment to enjoy it as well. Producer Victoria Alonso caught the moment, too, jovially expressing the warmth of that night at El Capitan Theater on the famous Hollywood Boulevard. She did comically correct Ms. Hayak that the moon was almost full but not quite :)

    I was surprised to learn the sheer number of awards acheived by the cast of this movie. It seems every Actor except Lia McHugh (who boasts a nomination) holds some form of prestigeous award. Indeed, though, McHugh (the actor who played young Sprite) still has plenty of time to rack up as many as she wants in the future. Angelina Jolie has the coveted Oscar Award for a film that, also, includes the haunting refrain of the song "The End of the World" in its soundtrack.
    Girl Interrupted earned her a win for Best Supporting Actor for her portrayal of Lisa - an unhinged girl in a psychiatric ward in the turbulent 1960s.

    Kit Harrington, Dane Wittman, is barely in the film, yet he boasts several Emmy nominations. Richard Madden, Ikaris, has collected many, many awards on the International scene as has Kumail Nanjiani (Kingo). Brian Tyree Henry (Phastos) and Barry Keoghan (Druig) have both earned numerous awards, recognitions and nominations on the International scene.

    Don Lee (Gilgamesh), alone, has over 80 awards for Actor and Producer alike! Mostly in his homeland of South Korea. Even the voice of Kro, Bill Skarsgard, holds awards in the field.

    Beyond awards and achievements, the actors in Eternals seem to represent icons. Hence, the need for all of them to appear differently. Phastos is a large bear of a man; he creates and invents. Much like the stone masons or iron smiths, these men were of big stature and powerful. They had to swing the hammer! Makkari is lithe and small. She's quick and fast! Sprite takes on the visage of a young person - an eternal child able to weave stories and myths otherwise forgotten or forsaken by adults even in our world. For whatever reason, these characters have been picked to represent an iconic nature for the film. Seeing them in human form at the premiere was a delight.

    Since I'm kind of into cars, I very much enjoyed the Lexus interpretations of vehicles as Eternals presented as a sponsor for the event. I also usually hate sponsors and commercials, but these were hot and so spot on :)

    Certainly, these are fresh rides anyone would enjoy for a night on the town or a joyride on the coast or through the desert. How about to own one?!? Which leads to the wonderful and semi-ethereal backdrop at the premiere itself. In keeping with the celestial (small 'c') theme:

    The famed El Capitan Theater on the in/famous Hollywood Boulevard where the famous have their Walk of the Stars. What a place to take in such a cosmic and formidable viewing as Eternals. The ambiance and atmosphere at this grand locale can only lead to more magic as the lights dim and the popcorn-munching commences.

    P.G.A. Kevin Feige appeared with Oscar Winner, Director, Chloe Zhao on the blue carpet for an extraordinary interview. They spoke, at length (within the limited time constraints) about the origin of these Eternals as new Marvel characters on the scene. They discussed the noteworthy contribution of writer and creater, Jack Kirby, without whom these Space Gods would never have come to fruition at all. Kirby designed and devised the Eternals decades ago for Marvel. Feige references a specific moment in the film (inside the ziggurat) where the mural inside the temple is derived directly from a Kirby inspiration.

    Back then, these Eternals figures were quite (ironic?) comical in nature. Yet, here we see them now having finally evolved onto the big screen with a top-notch cast worthy of Kriby's initial inspiration.


    From Babylon to Amazon (3/5/22)

    eternals babylon to amazon mission Eternals truly is broad and "epic". I like to rely on dictionary terms, so the very definition of epic is:

    a long poem, typically one derived from ancient oral tradition, narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic or legendary figures or the history of a nation

    Not taken actually, but extrapolated. Eternals spans a very long period of linear time. That's important to the overall story narrative. First, they are (stepping outside of conventional thinking) poetic, heroic and legendary figures that influenced the world in becoming archetypes of heroes and saviors of all kinds across the globe and in all cultures. But my purpose here is to examine the efforts of these Eternals concerning their Mission on Earth and the incarnations of that Mission over time.

    For a better understanding of the Mission of the Eternals, please read
    The Mission chapter. Simply put, Babylon 575 B.C.E. might be their shining achievement for mankind. Their time during the Gupta Empire in 400 A.D. might be the "afterglow" of this great achievement. 1521 A.D. Tenochtitlan might be the collective downfall of the Mission and Present Day Amazon seems to be the last remnant of the Mission with Druig at the helm, alone.

    From the onset, these Eternals had approached humanity as a "raw clay" they were sent to mold. Based on a sort of empathy toward them and faith in Arishem, they sought to bring a less savage world, a technocratic civilization and lend their powers and abilities wherever possible toward this end. The Fighters would protect everyone while the Thinkers devised ways to create the structure for all this and shepherd it through time.

    They meet with rough and backwater humans in Mesopotamia in 5,000 B.C.E. and guide them for almost 5k years when we see Babylon revealed. It's magnificent. Ajak tells Arishem it is the largest city on Earth and more and more people are coming there to seek refuge from the Deviants all the time. She and they are very proud of the achievement, as is Arishem. He tells her Eternals across the galaxy will learn from their accomplishments.

    eternals city of babylon

    Not only is the city of Babylon astonishingly beautiful and magnificent, it seems very personal to these Eternals. The very colors of the stones of the city are the colors of the Eternals Mission, itself - Gold & Blue (for more on this, visit the Eternals Colors chapter). When Ajak steps out onto the terrace to commune with Arishem, her costume of Gold & Blue blends right in perfectly with the city walls. She belongs there. Their ship, the Domo, has been embedded right into the structure of the city. These Eternals have placed their spiritual hub, their religious center, inside the heart of this place.

    eternals the domo inside babylon

    The Fighters do battle outside the walls, providing protection to humans and the Thinkers alike. While inside, the Thinkers work on their projects. Eternals are at home here. More, they've made it their home. They've settled down here. They're united with humans. Everyone is wearing their traditional Eternals costumes. At the gathering, they associate freely among the city inhabitants as themselves, in their traditional dress. Ajak and Ikaris observe the gathering from above, as if holding court. As if they truly are benevolent rulers of this elevated human paradise where people are seeking refuge.

    eternals sprite illusion in babylon

    This is a bright and optimistic time for them and for the Mission. Sprite is beginning to weave her stories of Gilgamesh and Enkidu in the public consciousness. She's inspiring a sense of hope in a the future for these "young" earthlings through her power of illusion. It's the foundations of what the world would become through their influence. It all looks so promising. Anything is possible. Druig and Makkari mingle freely with the traders for artifacts and the others enjoy Sprite's light show with everyone else.

    It's is a time of great strides and achievement for these Eternals. The Mission is on point. Everyone is very joyful about the apparent success and the future. Sersi is helping the settlers build while Phastos is assisting with appropriate technology toward that end. Babylon is a Hands-On interaction that shows what Eternals are capable of accomplishing with a raw civilization.

    Metaphorically, it's also where Sersi and Ikaris fall in love and consummate that relationship. There could be a parallel to Eternals joining with humans in a similar love. And possibly a similar consumation. They've built Babylon together and formed an intimate bond through that location. Where, on the cliffs of Mesopotamia, they met as strangers and enemies, they now have joined. The Domo dwells within the heart of the city. They entrusted their sacred center to that place. They never removed it; until Emergence was coming.

    eternals wedding of sersi and ikaris

    It is unclear why, exactly, the team leaves Babylon, but we next see them in the Gupta Empire not too long afterward. It seems they are basking in the afterglow of their accomplishment of Babylon. By the colors everyone is wearing at the wedding, it is very clear all of them are represented as "gods to mankind". Many are seen wearing gold where they otherwise are not ever seen wearing gold. It's a high time for them. Unfortunately, it can only go down from there :(

    eternals tenochtitlan 1521 a.d.

    The next time we see them, chronologically, it's at Tenochtitlan 1521 A.D.. Contrast that with Babylon. Everything is on fire. There's lots of murder happening. Eternals are pretty much hiding in the forest and are estranged from humans they don't even interact with. They huddle inside the ziggurat not wearing their traditional clothing but human clothing, trying to blend in. No one seems very happy at all and most everyone's clothing has a rather darker hue. The beautiful mural or stone relief on the walls is dark, it is painted in blue and red; read the Mission is off-kilter/awry.

    We can take cinematic cue here from Thena's PTSD situation. Something is off. There's a glitch. In terms of the Eternals Mission, there are red lights flashing. The film does not offer clear or exact answers as to why the Mission has devolved at this point. I'll offer my opinions on that shortly.

    Here is where things change with Druig's rebellion. He proclaims that maybe their mission has been a mistake. He asks the question whether they have really made a better world for these people after 7,000 years. He wants to know if following Ajak has really been the right thing to do after all this time.

    None of the other Eternals stands with him. In fact, they look rather complacent and dazed at his seeming self-righteousness in calling out their leader, Prime Ajak. However, Druig insists. Just prior, he has introduced them to the word Genocide when he sees humans are now killing entire peoples with higher form of weapons in order to claim their lands. Phastos tries to reason it out that technology is part of their evolutionary process and it just has to be that way.

    Druig uses his powers and stops the madness; he makes all the humans drop all their weapons. Ikaris tries to make him stop, per the standing mandate from Ajak not to interfere in the conflicts of humans. However, Druig forfeits his life and proceeds anyway. Ajak allows it. This ends up with Druig assembling a group of humans from that Mexico Valley region he would look after for several generations until Present Day when they meet up with him in Amazon.

    Why is this important? Druig's commune is the very last vestige of the Eternals Mission on Earth.

    For everyone else, it seems, the mission was complete with the elimination of the last (known) Deviants. But what about the care and protection of mankind's civilization? They came to Earth with the idea of helping build a better world for humanity as well as protecting them from Deviants. Perhaps many of them felt Earth's civilization had evolved enough to no longer need their help? But how could this be? With the utterly destructive and devastative nature humanity had shown at the time of Tenochtitlan, were they really convinced they were no longer needed? Perhaps they had become collectively jaded by so many centuries (millennia) of watching humans being evil to each other.

    Here, Druig becomes an anti-hero. Some approach him as a demi-god keeping subservient people in bondage to his perpetual Holiness in a society removed from others. Is he a cult leader? A pretender king?

    When I noticed the small meeting place in Druig's camp (with the pew-like seats and desk at the front) it did not resemble a place of worship. I did, however, notice something fascinating. It was painted in the Eternals Mission colors of Blue & Gold. In cinematic terms, to me, this said Druig was not taking those colors onto himself but, rather, instituting those colors onto the collective.

    eternals amazon druig's church meeting place building

    His camp (not himself) is the best he has to offer humanity in terms of fulfillment of the Mission. When all the other Eternals have abandoned caring for and empathizing with humanity, he has created a place for them where he can do what he is able to do to accomplish that. Alone, if he must.

    At Amazon, like no other time in the film, Druig is wearing Mission colors. He's wearing Blues. This means he is Mission focused. His camp is not one of self aggrandizement. At Tenochtitlan, he stepped up (finally, in his mind) to do what he can to apply himself to the Mission is he understands it. The meeting place at Amazon is humble. There is no lectern or pulpit. There's a desk. It's meant for practical purposes, not worshipful ones.

    Only over this large scale of time can the Eternals Mission really be understood and evaluated. Babylon and Tenochtitlan are sort of bookends for the Mission. Babylon is the high point, the pinnacle; the crowning achievement. Tenochtitlan, is the low point, the downfall. Amazon is a remnant, almost. It's perhaps an appendage of the Mission. After all, only Ajak (and, after Babylon, Ikaris) knows the full truth about the real mission.

    They know all that really needs to happen is for them to wait for Emergence. After that, they'll be reinstated to a different mission on another planet. The others don't know this. Yet, they've seemingly left humanity out in the cold after the Deviants have thought to become extinct on Earth.

    It is also important to point out a few other things in this large expanse of time when evaluating the Mission.


    Babylon is located at the nexus of the physical and global world. Trade and exchange made Persia (that general region) a dominant central force and hub in the world for a time. In terms of human progression, cities like Babylon (maybe not so grand or advanced) probably sprung up everywhere which allowed humans to thrive and grow more than ever. Along with protection from the Deviants, humans probably, then, waged more and bigger wars against each other and civilization may have devolved as fast as Eternals could keep them afloat.

    Geographically, the region of Babylon is in the middle of the "known world". It's kind of at the cross section of the major continental regions and trade routes. It's easily accessible to anyone from anywhere. Versions of Babylon were probably destroyed and rebuilt many times through the centuries. There was little protection from anything.

    eternals babylon area on mapContrast that with The Continental Americas (Tenochtitlan). eternals tenochtitlan area on mapContinents that were not even generally known to exist until modern man discovered with the intent to rape of resources, to colonize and own for themselves.

    If Eternals are chasing the Deviants across the globe, they have isolated them to the Americas in Tenochtitlan in 1575 A.D.. They'dleft the Domo in the ground under the remains of ancient Babylon and are now operating in the almost unknown continents of the Americas across the great chasm of the Atlantic ocean. This is a region undiscovered by "Modern Man" until this time.

    The film picks up in the Mexico Valley region, the actual site of what would become Mexico City, Tenochtitlan, as Spanish forces are invading from Europe. These new continents have remained undisturbed by modern man and their wars and are inhabited by indigenous peoples.

    Could this be Eternals basically fleeing the horrors of modern man and their warfare? Heading West, pursuing Deviants to the Americas according to their mission, yet, separating from humans at the same time, possibly in general disgust?

    Druig seems to recognize the ugliness in humanity as a whole when he decides to go down and "rule" them benevolently. No one else does. It's not until Hiroshima that Phastos - kneeling in the wreckage of the blast - is moved to conclude "they are not worth saving". There's a theme through the film that humans continually progress to a point of harming each other. But, there's always a reason to excuse them for their behavior or to allow it. "Without their flaws, they wouldn't be human" - Druig.

    So, Tenochtitlan (The Americas) is geographically isolated compared to Babylon. The Deviants have been chased to this region and the team finds themselves without a purpose any longer. After Druig takes on the Mission alone, his way, Ajak sets the team free. She wants them to try and find a life without the Mission.

    But this is misleading. She knows the Mission (to feed Tiamut, for the Earth to explode) is still on. She wants them to experience personal fulfillment before they "die" in Emergence. Even though they won't remember any of it, she wants them to have that experience. But Druig is still holding onto the idea he can help these people. His commune is generationally sound. They are a breeding stock for his way of living as an Eternals-led sub-society. Out in the jungle, apart from modern influences and he gets to choose which elements of modernity he will allow to be introduced into the camp and which ones will not be.

    Ultimately, the Eternals' Mission began in 5,000 B.C.E. and it ended when they told Druig the truth about Arishem's design. That little meeting house was the last vestige of their Mission on planet Earth. That humble, tiny wooden structure compared to the grand kingdom of Blue & Gold, the city of Babylon.


    Marvel's First Adult Film (2/7/22)

    Marvel's first adult film click-bait lol

    Eternals is for Mature Audiences. Not because it portrayed a semi-writhing naked back (aww, fancy robots in love). Until Infinity War, the MCU never really took itself seriously. The closest thing to a serious narrative might have been found in Thor and Odin's spanning of greater time (and his Asgardian ancestors) in their galactic dealings inside the Nine Realms. But even those were brief and fleeting ideas. I wouldn't even call the first two Avengers movies as having serious narratives.

    It was good guys versus bad with a culmination of Good triumphs over Evil. The bad guy ends up in his or her place and it's all sort of wrapped up neatly in the end. That's not to say the story doesn't continue, only that the heroes and villains are cardboard cutouts with very little spice in and of themselves (I am making a generality). Eternals took itself seriously, lived within a classical narrative and showed us complex ideas we'd never seen before. It did not need prior films to get us to understand who they are.

    One of my favorite moments in the film is when the devious plot of Ikaris is revealed and the ensuing conflict with the family. That is Gods on the mountain with lightning and magic, brothers and sisters taking sides, tears for lost loved ones found to have been killed by said devious plot - it all feels like
    High Tragedy. The gentle sobs are warranted. That reveal (we, the audience) see it just before but when the characters experience it, we get to experience it with them. It's in that moment I really felt their love for Ajak and Gilgamesh. Even Ikaris was conflicted about what he had done.

    The whole thing ascends into a much bigger narrative because they are about to go to war with each other. eternals sprite and ikarisSprite chooses to go with Ikaris and Kingo basically chooses the side of Ikaris without getting personally involved. More family fracture. If we, the viewer, didn't feel their love and unity through the film, these events will probably not reach far into our hearts at that time.

    Back to Infinity War and that evolution into greater character narrative. In Thanos and the characters immediately surrounding him, I felt about the same when he tossed Gamora from the cliff as I did when Ikaris and Sersi consummated their relationship. Both things are there as plot device, they exist to further an aspect of the narrative and really not much else. Admittedly, I was a bit more involved with Thanos and Gamora due to better orchestration, CGI and acting. Plainly, when that part of Eternals (and their marriage, their personal exchanges) comes on, I FFWD most of the time. To me, that doesn't make Eternals bad. There are parts of other Marvel movies when, after having seen it once, there's no reason for me to watch it again. But I am a softie. I tear up a bit when Steve lost the dance with Peggy going into the ocean.

    That's a great example; what would Steve Rogers be as a character without Bucky and Peggy? We need these type of support systems in narratives to keep us grounded even if we may not always realize it. Dane Whitman - though he is not in the movie very much - serves a purpose for connecting Sersi personally to Earth and humanity. The same goes with Kingo and Karun and Phastos and his family. We are given material support for why they love humanity and want to save it not just a random and detached "love". Even though Kingo decides not to destroy Tiamut, he is torn. Perhaps Ikaris and Sprite do not feel this is because they have not connected personally with humanity.

    Right after the opening crawl up until after the Marvel Splash (over Pink Floyd's Time) few words are spoken. btw that is my all-time favorite Marvel logo intro of any Marvel film. They all seem to have one. This one is simply gorgeous in simplicity and style while the underlying song adds a whole other layer. On top of that, we are being transported some 7,000 years through the logo intro, linked by the dagger Sersi gave to the boy. It offers the grandiose nature of these characters and their enduring presence among us; we just didn't know they were here.

    Unlike the Thor's films and general common opening verbal narratives which set up those films, Eternals lets the viewer take in all that incredible imagery and power with no explanation. Who are they? What are they? That's up to you. Viewers must be mature enough to wade into those things for themselves. The crawl gives you static information. But nothing else. There's no prop or stand-in placed there as storyteller.

    The opening crawl is filled with lies, even. We start the movie with the same fundamental information these Eternals have as their programming and we travel with them in the story, learning that information is untrue. There are no cookie-cutter explanations or assertions in Eternals. Thanos as a complex villain was just a small step in the MCU. The idea of "anti-hero" and the abandonment of the cardboard cutout scenario is here. Hopefully, we won't go back. I find this to be much more interesting. With Eternals, we are introduced to complex ideology for, really, the first time. We are asked to think and to consider.

    If anyone thought Age Of Ultron was a spinning wheel back then, what does it look like now? The most complex thing in that movie was possibly Thor's Vision. Whatever became of that, anyway? Not Vision vision, I mean his Vision of the Mind Stone as a thing that sucked in all hope or something. But whatever. I would classify Mature Themes in this manner as the first film in the MCU that made use of classical structure, beginnings and ends that do not follow template guidelines and timeless characters who feel more like they were drawn from poetry. These Eternals are extremely archetypal in nature. Each of them sort represents something larger than their individual being.

    Eternals ArchetypesEvery MCU character has some of this going on, these Eternals seem to be made wholly of it. Archetypes exist throughout and span all cultures and time periods. They don't have borders or regions. People looked up in the night sky aeons ago and drew shapes to give the star patterns names and attributes.

    Humans have been doing the same thing ever since. Some of them, we called gods. Others, heroes; others, villains. These Eternals are like the lasting archetypes. They have individual attributes only they possess. They are individually powerful. We often look to them for inspiration or protection or leadership. This archetypal and individualistic representation is something I see in Mutants and Inhumans, also. It goes way, way back to Zeus and Hera, Aphrodite.. and way, way before that.. who were probably the original inspirations for the comics themselves.

    The same types of figures through history which keep being re-named and re-assigned powers and abilities based on the cultures adapting the figures for themselves.

    Mature Themes, in that Eternals requires us to have knoweldge for the best experience. Some of it is not at all passive viewing. What is Mesopotamia? What is Babylon? Tenochtitlan?? Gee Whizz. Marvel is sending us to History class? I really hoped lots of fans saw Eternals and were prompted to go to wiki after the movie and look into these things as a way of better understanding the movie and themes.

    Mesopotamia (translated "the area of two rivers" - the Tigris & Euphrates rivers) is the ancient site of the cradle of modern civilization in the Iran/Iraq area. Eternals arrive at this site in 5,000 B.C.E. to begin their function of protecting mankind from the Deviants. For the purpose of the film, Mesopotamia represents the barren rock of Earth where these Eternals will begin their mission.

    Mesopotamia results in Babylon (the same region) 575 B.C.E. many years later. Eternals have helped humans establish a refuge from the Deviants - a shining, beautiful and probably technologically advanced (for its time) place for humanity to grow and flourish. Contrast this with Tenochtitlan. Tenochtitlan 1525 A.D. was located in the area now known as Mexico City in the Valley of Mexico. It was sacked and destroyed by the Spanish Conquest.

    The two cities of Babylon and Tenochtitlan are bookends for these Eternals. Babylon is the pinnacle of their mission and achievement. I see Tenochtitlan as both the end of the mission but also them fleeing modern man and the horrors of their warfare. The classic aspect of this narrative is Eternals have traveled from East to West. They have taken their mission on the same trajectory taken by the human race.

    eternals babylon area on mapBabylon is located right in the middle of the known world and probably saw endless sieges, devolutions and destructions from every part of the known world. Contrast that with The Continental Americas (Tenochtitlan). eternals tenochtitlan area on mapContinents that were not even generally known to exist until modern man discovered with the intent to rape of resources, to colonize and own for themselves.

    At this same time, the Deviants are becoming extinct. Eternals have hunted them to this area of the globe and are about to commit full genocide on them (more on that later). The Americas operated freely - without interference from "modern man" as we might describe it - for almost two thousand years after the Greco-Romans were becoming the dominant force on the planet. I view these Eternals (post Babylon) as moving away from humanity almost in disgust until there is nowhere left to go.

    In Babylon, we see them in control; as a ruling authority; protecting humanity. They are moving about the city freely and in great strides. They are in harmony with the people and in their purpose. At Tenochtitlan, they are almost hiding in the forest and in the ziggurat. They seem estranged from humanity and only Druig dares ultimately interact with them (leading to the breakup of the group entirely). Due to this, and that the Deviants are thought to now be exinct, Ajak (knowing the truth of the mission) lets them all go to find a life for themselves. It was a very poignant moment in the film in broader context. Who are they without the mission? Who are they without each other?


    Slammed for Diversity (posted 2/9/22)

    Eternals: slammed for diversity The times we live in?

    These are gods. I happened to like the Stargate and Stargate SG-1 sci-fi concepts, where, various gods are incorporated from around the globe as having interfered with mankind by way of ancient alien influence. I like the idea the difference in customs of humanity begin and continue wherever they begin and continue and have always existed and will always exist and evolve. We don't even know where many of the very ancient and lost influences on any of our cultures came from.

    None of us is entirely plugged into our whole past. We might be shocked to find or understand where great grandparents learned some family recipe or from whom. Or, where our ancestors migrated from - back before any family member knows the actual story. We - none of us - has total claim on anything. Humanity is like a very large tree and we all are just simply branches and leaves upon it. If we can get past that, we might be able to not feel so threatened by a film that features other people of a diverse nature who happen to appear, visually like the population of Earth. Especially not in a film so Global in nature. Yes, a giant Celestial being breaking out of the planet's core Global. Please, they shouldn't all look Cambodian or Swazi or Welsh. Also, it's more interesting. On last viewing, I tried to imagine - of 10 Eternals - what would it be like if there were eight or nine males? Or, if seven or eight of them looked like Druig or Sersi. Maybe it's just me, I'm over it. I can't imagine an MCU film like that anymore.

    Eternals epic of Gilgamesh tabletCultures and cvilizations have been influenced by each other before and after most people even realize there was an influence. I like that this movie references Gilgamesh in Babylon since
    The Epic Of Gilgamesh is probably the first thing anyone has to read in a legitimate college literature class. It's a book meant to expose higher education students to the idea there exists other written material on par with the Judaeo-Christian-Islamic tales of the origin of the human race.

    There was someone else, other than "Noah" or Islamic "Nuh", who went forth in a ship to save humanity from a flood in ancient times. The people of actual, real life Babylon (not the one in the movie Eternals) were called Sumerians.

    Part of Higher Education (c'mon, it's right there in the name) is meant to expose us to the idea our culture is not the only culture. Many cultures exist on Earth, many cultures have existed on Earth long before we were ever here. Why is anyone even paying attention to the idea the Eternals - gods from our ancient history - look like humans from all over planet Earth?

    Just stop already. The simplicity is mind-blowing.

    I took it as "these things have always been here". Whether anyone enjoys gay people or deaf people, they have existed through history. BTW it is unknown if Phastos is gay or if he just loves that guy specifically. He doesn't have to choose. The film got banned in some nations for the concept of two men being involved. But, again, the character of Phastos is not gay, per se. Does he have to be? Did he "come out"? In this film, it doesn't have to be that way. We see Kingo with his male valet for 50 years but no one asks him to define it. I liked that. His family kind of just understand that everyone may need someone - even these Forever Gods, the Eternals. It makes the plight of Sprite that much more difficult. However, Makkari seems to be OK being her eccentric self and that's OK too.

    We all are who we are and our family should nurture this about us. These super OP android beings seem to be good at it.. let's take a lesson?

    Some think there cannot be peaceful existence between people on Earth. Yeah, it does seem really hard at times. But at the core of that concept is simply acknowledging that others exist. That's all. Other human beings exist; and they are not like me. I'll have to naviagate that. The world is becoming too small to hide in caves and build walls. That was not a political statement but a virtual one.

    This movie made a conscious effort, when attempting to represent ancient Earth mythology and customs, to make sure the face and maybe appearance
    and perhaps embodiment of Variation might be achieved within the elements of this Brain Unit of one thing called Eternals. One Earth, many facets? Who knows.

    For me, it doesn't sit well to stop at the idea these characters were placed there just because of what they look like physically, racially, by skintone, sex or any of that. Eternals are Archetypes. Archetypes are meant to stand out on their own - uniquely separate figures in and of themselves, representing something powerful the viewer can identify with... and hopefully the viewer was investing more than just a visual look. But, if that's all they took away, and they saw themselves in a specific Eternal, that's great too. If a young person saw themself on the screen and could be empowered to strive higher in their young lives through that experience, that makes me happy.

    It is too short-sighted to stop and make notes that two characters had sex or that two men kissed or that there were two characters speaking
    Sign to each other in 5,000 B.C.E.. Again, as described in the chapter Marvel's First Adult Movie, this film requires a little more from you. The film asks you to please just take that step and acknowledge these things exist. That's all. It doesn't ask you to allow for them or to approve of anything. Do you know anyone who speaks Sign Language? I don't. It doesn't matter. Someone does.

    Maybe it's Not About You; or me.

    The noise from even MCU fans did shock me. "MCU shoving it down our throats".


    Just un-called for. Diversity was present in Eternals. Not from a quota or because a Marvel Committee sat and decided the Identity of all Eternals to check boxes. Yet, those were some exact words I heard on some channels and sites. I'm asking you to apply reason. This is a global film. Truly global. More than global. It came from the Galactic and then showed us the global. It is the first MCU film that truly (and honestly) dealt with the fate of Earth on this magnitude.

    WHAT. Ultron? Loki? I will give you Dormammu without the Time Stone. I'm not talking about Thanos. Thanos was about the Universe, not Earth specifically.

    Asgard destroyedBut a Celestial emerging from within the center of the Earth? That's a global movie. And characters going back to the origin of primal Man? I would hope all 10 characters looked like ALL of Earth instead of a composite, aggregated cross-section of, say, Asgard.


    The Golden Celestial Glow (2/13/22)

    Eternals Golden Celestial Glow At the opening of the film, Ajak announces the mission has begun. They rise and approach the walls of the Domo, their spaceship. Golden geometric shapes and arcs appear and surround each Eternal, shimmering. Through this, they transform into their uniforms/costumes. Look closer. Each Eternal has their own, unique signature of this Celestial Glow. It matches the intricate patterns and isignias on their individual costumes. The beginning of the film is not the best visual moment to catch it. But, it's repeated throughout the movie. The best place to see it repeated is at the end, with the Uni-Mind.

    What is the Golden Celestial Glow? All the Eternals are imbued with the power Cosmic which comes from the Celestials. It manifests as the glowing golden aura around them (in some form or another) when they use their powers. The same golden glow is present in/on their ship The Domo (Domo was, in the comics, an individual Eternal Being instead of a ship). It resonates in the tech Phastos makes, too. I'm guessing this Power Cosmic will show similarly or the same to the
    Galactus/Silver Surfer connection in the comics when it arrives in the MCU. Galactus gave Norrin Radd a portion of his Power Cosmic. It gave Radd his abilities and preserved him (his form) when he was transformed into Herald of Galactus, The Silver Surfer.

    Phastos described the bodies of Eternals as working just this way.

    That's why he meant to shut off their resurgent energy for a time, so one of them could receive the power of the others through the Uni-Mind to become "immensely powerful". It was the only way to combat Tiamut. None of them was powerful enough, on their own, to stop the Emergence.

    We don't know if Eternals require food. We see them in space, at times, not needing to breathe? Unknown. They seem to withstand a great deal of damage. They are androids. They have within them, also, the power Cosmic from the Celestials.

    eternals makkari glowing celestial glyphsWhen Makkari is wearing civilian clothing (when not in her uniform) and begins to run, her body lights up in the same pattern emblazoned on her costume. The gloves of Gilgamesh are made of small patterns based on his own unique symbology. Same as what appears on Kingo's hands when he is finger-bombing. When the Uni-Mind occurs, Eternals emit the un-contained cosmic energy spilling over. Each one lights up in the unique symbology of their own unifom or costume.

    It made me wonder if Eternals maybe just are, they exist - not just as products of Arishem's design, but also as fundamentally creatures of themselves. As in, Ajak was not necessarily programmed to be a healer. She just is a healer and that's part of why Arishem chose her. Or some combination of the two. The idea Eternals aren't 100% mindless, programmed androids but have some identity, themselves.

    eternals sersi uni-mindPerhaps this identity manifests as whatever power they have based on who they are + the cosmic power the Celestials give to them.

    For sure, the most visually moving time in the film for me is the Uni-Mind. Seeing that indescribable thing on the screen is still impressive after so many viewings. I'm here writing about Eternals, right? I can't find good words to describe the Uni-Mind visually. I feel like the score under that was very helpful in making it a moving scene, also. Seeing it on the big screen was its own reward. Just so beautiful; compelling; artful.

    eternals art decoWhat is most striking about the Celestial Glow is the wonderful use of Neo Art Deco design. What is Art Deco? Most simply, geometric shapes.. circles, lines, arcs, triangles, repeating patterns of them. We had these at home (a protractor and compass) when I was a kid, you could make any geometric shape with them. The beauty of simplicity. Interestingly, these tools go way back in history for use in higher mathematics; even sacred math. The sigil of Freemasonry is the Square and Compass.

    Eternals was (obviously) so inspiring to me, I went for Art Deco in my banner/logo for this site naturally. The flowing Celestial energy in their powers is effortless and diverse. You can see intricate shapes and designs in all Thena's weapons and her shield, also. The glow around Sprite's hands, in Druig's eyes. The eye beams of Ikaris are that golden celestial color and glyphs appear from Sersi when she is transforming objects.

    eternals uni-mind golden arc

    eternals ikaris uni-mindIt all culminates near the end of the story with the Uni-Mind.. when all of their individual symbology are combined against (and with) Tiamut. Even Ikaris, who was against the whole plan, was forced to wear a bracelet by Phastos and the Uni-Mind caught him up with the rest of them when the time came. There's a quick moment - a shot from high above inside Tiamut's palm - that shows the Uni-Mind in action. You can see a huge, golden arc of celestial energy flowing from the nodes of each Eternal to the next as Tiamut is transmuted from a living, sentient being into white marble. *Listening to the audio commentary tho, it was unclear if the stone figure of Tiamut was marble or limestone. Zhao said limestone at one point, but marble was mentioned again. Also, Sersi didn't really know she could transform sentient beings. Her original programming told her she wasn't able to do that. It made me wonder which other Eternal had abilities or potential abilities they had not reached because of misleading programming.


    Eternals: A Political Allegory (2/7/22)

    Eternals Tiamut emerging I saw a very timely political allegory in The Eternals 3rd Act. Breaking it down simply: Tiamut represents "Arishem's archaic and violent way" to quote Sersi. She (like Ajak) has come to recognize this long pattern of the Celestials (led by Prime Arishem) is not something she can live with. The destruction of whole planets/civilizations/people to birth more Celestials must end. At the end of the movie, we see half of the remaining Eternals going into the galaxies on a quest to enlighten other Eternals to this, hoping to stop it en masse. I saw this as the "Eternal Culture of Ancient Rome" almost. A thing that has been with us in
    Western Civilization for longer than any of us knows, but has never truly been confronted.

    Eternals EmergenceWe live today with Climate Change, decimation of the planet through rape of natural resources (even to where it threatens our very existence), and we (in America, at least) are at the tail-end of a warmongering dominance of power ruled mostly by elite white males. Behold Tiamut; more of the same coming forth. Arishem's Violent and Archaic Way about to be reborn and propagated anew.

    She and the other Eternals have gone through their own processes deciding what they will do individually. Most of the remaining Eternals, save Kingo, have decided to try and save humanity. In this, I saw The Old Way being challenged by a specific group of people allegorically seen in America today. arishem's archaic and violent wayFading away is the Violent and Archaic reign of the old white men in smoke-filled rooms making decisions affectiong everyone based on how it affects their bottom line. In this allegory, these Eternals represent the newer generation(s) about to take political power (or, it's being thrown into their lap) in the near future. The Old is passing away. This new diverse group is being tasked with taking control of a situation decades, years, generations/centuries in the making. The problems did not begin overnight, they've been festering in secret for a very long time.

    The word "diverse" here is not about the idea these Eternals look visually different or are of some different race from each other. To get this allegory, let's step above that, please. To take over from "Arishem" and save the world, a group of people - all with various skills and talents - must convene and communicate to reach a common consensus about The Problem. Then, they must rationally and within reason apply their skills and abilities to discover a way to counteract the coming devastation.

    For me, the allegory could not be more clear and prescient. This new, emerging group of younger politicians and civic leaders will operate as team players rather than loud-mouthed grandstanders. Instead of a lone, bellowing voice on talk radio/podcast or cable news spewing partisan dogma, this group will be quietly working in tandem on actual solutions. They come from different places, have had different life experiences. All of that "diversity" will be brought to the table (and need to be) in order to assess and solve these problems.

    Currently in American politics, we still have a system completely Force-Gripped in the hand of, basically, old people. And each side is so convinced they, alone, can solve the problems, they refuse to let go. They intend to hold their seat until their actual death. In 2018, Representative Louise Slaughter, 88yo, died in office while seeking another term. That's just one example. Senator Robert Byrd held his seat until age 92. Senator Strom Thurmond was a whopping 100yo(!!!) when he left office, he died a year later.

    We have politicans operating in their seventies and eighties (and beyond!) and we (must) rely on them to make huge decisions for everyone - when many of us would be concerned with them driving a vehicle. Yet, they and their rigidity forge our laws and employ their vision. A vision that has seemingly only fostered our own Emergence in the real world. Eternals takes an allegorical look at what will happen when a newly-forged, younger America will soon be asked to (or simply forced by default) to take charge of our future.

    Will they continue with Arishem's Way or will they destroy Tiamut to save everyone? New eyes will be required in the New Era of governance. Only this younger, diverse coalition of consensus will process the way forward. Only they can save us. Eternals is ultimately about showing the viewer the historic landscape of the MCU as it has been for millennia and beyond behind the scenes. Eternals are at the forefront of this "Eternal Process" of the Celestials that has gone on and on without challenge.

    eternals political allegory gridlockThe next wave in our political future may be a group of folks that don't really want to be in charge of or to be forced to step in and address the numerous toxic and deadly problems that came from our progenitors. But they don't have a choice. Like Sersi, like Phastos and Kingo, they love humans and that represents their impetus to change their mind. Kingo, too, has a human loved one but still chooses Arishem's Way. However, the political allegory is more than sides taken.

    For example, Kingo decides to opt out of the plan to destroy Tiamut but the others don't judge him. In our modern political landscape, that's what happens. There is never consensus about solving the problem. The entire process is rancor, enmity, partisanship and stunning lack of progress. Things just don't get solved - ever. At least even after disagreement, these Eternals move forward with their plan. Ultimately, two of them seek to derail everything and they must choose: fight to save humanity or die trying. Conversely, in our current politcal landscape, the arguing continues, Tiamut keeps Emerging, we will all be destroyed before anyone can make a decision about anything.


    Cosmic Runway Scene (2/14/22)

    Eternals fashion show Another reason Eternals may be so misunderstood, it is so outside current convention. In so many ways. I really want to interview Project Runway's (and Making the Cut)
    Tim Gunn for this website. Let's shoot for the moon. I'll do my best to contact him, humbly. Gunn is a hero of mine. I'm a big fan of that show but of Gunn especially. He's a true mentor to the contestants and allows them to follow their own vision while attempting to shepherd them toward the ultimate goal: Don't Bore Nina! Nina Garcia is an icon of the fashion world. She has seen it all. On Project Runway, contestants must construct items that stand out and do not cling to conventional thinking. If Nina has seen it before, she will be bored. She's the gateway to success in terms of out-of-the-box thinking. She enjoys classic motifs because fashion really is about the same repeated elements, yet, re-interpreted in whole new refreshing and unexpected ways. To be elegant and timeless is the cornerstone of fashion. I think Anna Wintour would agree, but who can really know what is behind those shades?

    For those unfamiliar with Runway, contestants begin with rather simple tasks like being asked to construct an item of clothing for a specific purpose. Then, maybe two or three items eventually. They may work in teams at some point. But, the ultimate end goal that only the last remaining contestant(s) (one, maybe two) get to attempt is to create an entire fashion Collection. The Collection is 10-12 constructed pieces sent down the runway to be assessed by the judges. Watching the show, for some designers this seems rather effortless. To others, it is stress and panic. For most, it's probably somewhere in the middle. The pieces must stand on their own merit. Each piece must be a thing of itself and be, itself, a paragon. Layered on that, the pieces must appear (very strongly) to belong to each other. This includes fabrics, general styles, colors, accents, etc.

    I would say Tim Gunn is the nexus of understanding of such things. Through watching Project Runway, Gunn reveals the intricacies of why fashion works and why it sometimes does not. He isn't the one-man Jury of such a thing. In fact, he has no vote in any decision on the show. The 3-person panel is usually composed of Nina, Heidi Klum and usually a special guest. Even so, to get Gunn's reaction to the Eternals' costumes as a whole would be a dream come true for me. After all, this is 10 costumes made for 10 individuals. Not just that, they are 10 pieces which must flow together and unite, visually and stylistically, as a single unit. What I just described is commonly (and in textbook terms) known as a Collection. Adding Harry Styles's Starfox (he actually saunters down a slight runway of his own, announced by Pip, The Troll) and there's a bonus, 11th, look.

    All of them are visually magnetized to each other, yet are highly individualized. While these looks may not be street-ready items for a night out (but that really depends on where you are going), I can see necks snapping at New York Fashion Week as Ajak's flowing, golden robes flutter and her luminous crown flits. Have they seen THIS before? Maybe not! Or, the stately, bearish Phastos adorned in royal purple; his suit, with blingy silver and spots of gold, arranged artfully inside a cobalt, Neo Art Deco cosmic-themed breastplate? Anna hides behind shades to avoid looking shocked, I think :)

    In fact, the overall Celestial-inspired Art Deco design created for Eternals is something the MCU has never seen before. This astonishing new interpretation of Art Deco is so refreshing; I've a personal affinity for that motif. The grand simplicity of circles, arcs, lines, triangles (basically just carefully arranged geometric shapes) is a sight to behold. It all really does look like it fell from the heavens. It was this completely fresh approach that inspired the design and original logo/banner for EternalsExplained.

    No one saw any visual material for Eternals until mere months before the film premiered. The utter boldness of the look of the costumes and overall look of the film - and that it was kept tightly under wraps - made for a very nice reveal when the time came. The motif of the Golden Celestial Glow that appears everywhere in Eternals is gorgeous and unlike anything previously. There's a bit of the geometric design happening in Doctor Strange and rune magic but Eternals has fleshed it out to masterpiece. Had the virus not changed everything in 2021, Eternals may have been a much more huge draw in theaters than it was. The film is a true Hollywood spectacle.

    Ryan Meinerding, Marvel Studios Head of Visual Development was responsible for the initial concepts for the Eternals looks, with collaborative input from Costume Designer Sammy Sheldon Differ and director Chloe Zhao.


    Eternals, Kro & Genocide (2/14/22)

    Eternals, Kro, Tiamut & Genocide Druig may be a quiet, reserved fellow who doesn't exert his powers much, but his presence in the film is legendary. It's because of him Ajak sets the family loose. It's because of him the idea of Genocide is even addressed. Though "genocide" is never spoken in terms of the Deviants, there is subtle implication.

    In Tenochtitlan, Phastos looks at his tech globe to see the location of the remaining Deviants. He announces:

    "once the others have killed these last Deviants, we will have eliminated them all from the planet".

    There's a pause. Everyone turns as they hear screams in the forest. Humans are killing each other - again. Druig attempts to stop them with his powers. Ajak tells him not to interfere. It is at that time, Druig blames Phastos. He says their weapons have become too deadly and they are committing Genocide.


    noun: genocide; plural noun: genocides
    - the deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group
    example: "a campaign of genocide"

    Later in the film, Sersi is worried Kro can now speak and the Deviants now understand. She says they have a conscience now that makes them more dangerous. Druig replies:

    ", Sersi, that makes them us."

    Fans overlooked the importance of Kro, the Deviant, because that subtext was maybe not understood. The Deviants could not speak, nor did they even understand Arishem's plan - they couldn't. But through the mutation that occurred, the Deviant Kro achieved a level of understanding and speech to convey his larger cognizance of what is going on. It makes the slaughter of the Deviants by these Eternals that much more questionable.

    The fact no one pays attention to the plight of a being until it can speak is troublesome.

    Also overlooked is how did Kro acquire the ability to absorb the power of others? The question simply lingers there, to be addressed at a later time. But we have seen this before in geekzville.

    Genetic Mutation.

    eternals mutation charles xavier x-menRemember Charles Xavier narrating over the intros in the Fox X-Men films? This is that. Kro evolved to be able to absorb their powers. Arishem made them as organic beings with the ability to evolve. In fact, it is this idea that led them to spin out of Arishem's hands. He intimated to Sersi that to correct this mistake, he made Eternals synthetic beings, incapable of evolution. He made them this way, it seems, so they would remain static through time, never evolving and never having the chance to step outside of Arishem's control.. at least not the way the Deviants' had. It's because of Ikaris the whole problem began.

    Kro acquired Ajak's healing power and somehow changed the remaining Deviants into more powerful creatures, too. Kro then consumed the power of Gilgamesh, giving him a more humanoid form and the ability to communicate on a higher level while retaining Ajak's memories of Arishem. He's pissed. Wouldn't you be? I get how this is overlooked initially, but watch it a few times and it becomes clear.

    Back to Druig in the ziggurat. He decides enough is enough. He will go down to humanity (finally) and protect them by whatever means he has available to him. He says they (the others) will have to kill him to stop him. This is a truly revolutionary force/moment inside the family. Ajak, the revered leader and spiritual guide among them, sees the wisdom in his rebellion. She, herself, has questioned - openly - before Arishem that the inhabitants of Earth might be "special". She communicates to Arishem in the zoom call that perhaps they should not face the same fate as so many other worlds she has witnessed over countless ages. Not until millennia later does she see that questioning in Arishem's design manifest in one of her own.

    eternals druig barry keoghanDruig doesn't even have retained memories of previous missions. Yet, he has seen enough of the violence between humans to stand up to Ajak. He takes great offense that Ajak wants to relieve Thena's Mahd W'yry by removing her memories. Ajak asks Thena to trust her. Druig - in front of everyone - points to the violent and genocidal nature of mankind outside and asks "..we've followed you for 7,000 years and look where it's gotten us." He's lost faith in her and in Arishem's Design. On top of that, he doesn't even know the truth about Arishem's real plan at that time. He's courageous, spirited and following his own code.

    That is why Ajak is prompted to let them all go; to pursue their lives without her or the mission. She sees one of them has chosen to do the right thing after millennia. Druig calls out the whole Mission and refuses to follow Ajak in lockstep with Arishem any longer. Druig alludes to Eternals (like humans) being "pawns to their leaders" far before any of them knew the truth about Arishem.

    How can Ajak now operate as Prime of the group when the mission is basically over? It's just the smart thing to do knowing what she knows about the mission's true purpose and Emergence. All she has to do at that point is wait for Tiamut to grow enough to be born.

    Eternals offers absolutely no clear wrong or right. We think the Deviants are mindless creatures and we shouldn't care about them except as fodder for being blown up. The film asks us to contrast humans destroying each other with Eternals destroying Deviants. Since Kro now has a voice and can speak, he tells Thena:

    "you and I, we are just tools of a god; built to kill".

    Is he wrong?

    eternals druig uni-mindDeviants were made to kill predators so humans could survive to feed Tiamut. Eternals were made to kill Deviants so humans could survive to feed Tiamut. In the end, they decide to kill Tiamut! Let the killing end, already. Interesting to note that ultimately Tiamut joins their Uni-Mind and aids in its own destruction. Being a Celestial, it probably had access to their connected thoughts and memories and decided the whole thing was horrible and its life was not even worth it.

    Shrine to Tiamut??

    I'm for it. I hope the marble figure in the ocean gets somehow sacred status by Namor or someone (or Wakanda) for its sacrifice once they learn what really happened.


    Early Reaction (posted 2/6/22)

    eternals bad reviews I am so glad to have this opportunity to say what I need to say about Eternals. I waited about two years for this movie. We all waited about that amount of time to even see any visual material at all. It was a wonderful thing to be surprised and see that ship appear to ancient man the first time in the trailer; to be astonished that way. Seeing it in IMAX was king. As I write this sentence, I'm headed out with a friend to see it at the drive-in theater (written last year).

    That thing about "When You Want Something Done Right Do It Yourself"? That's what is going on here. There should be one real record of this moment of Eternals premiere from the perspective of the conscious and discerning fan. Before Eternals came out for the public, it was screened for "Reviewers" and "Critics" at the World Premiere in Los Angeles. I paid close attention to what I was hearing through that.

    I didn't like what I was hearing. Not because it was negative. Because it was all negative. Or, most of it.

    I couldn't wait for the movie so I wanted to soak up all the comments and reviews and make mental notes of it all to compare to what I would soon see, myself, with my own eyes. The reviews all seemed samey... they centered around the same complaints or reasons why they did not like the film or gave it relatively lower marks.

    "Marvel's Eternals--Too many characters, too much going on".

    Or, if you want the subjacent, totally skeeved 3m youtube version, "Marvel Eternal Bloatd Mess Fail End Of MCU" where faceless persons speak in Southpark voices to (for some reason) influence you not to see the movie.

    But many of the "Critic" and "Reviewer" reactions - somehow - made no sense. Between the World Premiere reviews and the time I saw the movie, I watched some "Reviewer" I'd never seen before on youtube. One single quote from this unnamed person can sum up what I mean to convey here. The quote might be enough for anyone who has seen the movie to, hopefully, understand why this particular person should maybe not have been in the position to convey this movie to the public prior to release.

    " one point, a character appears who I thought had died in a flashback. It was then I realized, I just could not invest any more into this movie."
    - unnamed reviewer

    marvel's inhumans black boltCome, Black Bolt. Who could this character be? Only two Eternals died, only one died in a flashback. The context of that moment in the film is so completely obvious - and vital to the story, and Sprite's arc - and so close to the end of the film. The "Critic" or "Reviewer" was not into the film after having seen 90% of it, yet, makes it seem like some incredulous thing has occurred... an unforgivable misstep in script direction or theatrical device... and the film is a flop and you just really should not see it because it's bad. Man, it's bad. It's so bad, even I - a Critic, a Reviewer (and a Marvel fan?) was offended and tricked by the narrative.

    I wrinkled my eyebrow at that Reviewer's comment before ever seeing the movie.. and I went into the movie looking for this exact moment so I could put their comment into context. When the moment came, I was utterly astonished another human being could actually make that comment with a straight face. It serves no one, it's an outright misdirection and you know it. Get it right with Arishem.

    Rant: Sometimes I feel like the ancient vampire awakened after centuries into a Squidgame nightmare. A nightmare where the Internet is no longer a tool for us but about us. Why are people making content against things?


    It's because of you so many people missed Eternals on a big screen but will eventually see it on a pathetic smaller screen at home. You stopped them... why? I wear my Eternals gear and people ask me if I've seen the movie, so I engage. Most of them have not, themselves, seen it! I ask them why. Most of them claim it's because they haven't heard very good things.

    Do you hear Black Bolt? I'm hearing him.

    If an X-Men movie got released November 2021, all of those same people and millions more would be clamoring and jumping over each other to get into every theater screen. Yet, Eternals is an X-Men adaptation and a pre-cursor - a team with assorted, diverse powers derived from the same source (Celestials). An archetype of a Mutant Group assembling (except, a group empowered by the X gene instead). Or, a group of Inhumans empowered through Terrigenesis.

    The fight on the beach at the end of Eternals is more heady and comic-book-fresh than any power-related battle I saw in the Fox X-Men movies or Captain America: Civil War. Yet, even some hardcore MCU fans are so skeptical? They didn't go? Not just Reviewers and Critics, but fans. Some Marvel fans were against the movie because it has "too much going on" and "tries too hard" and has "too many characters to get to know" and "it's just too bloated".

    ^^ Those were the very first introductions people had to the movie before it came out. So unfair and wasteful.

    There's a show from the 90s, X-Men The Animated Series.. can't remember her name.. she's the mutate woman in the Savage Land with the power to render Magneto and Charles unconscious with her loud sound/reverberation. This feels like that. Turn her music off.


    The Brain (posted 2/4/22)

    eternals brain fighters and thinkers After a few viewings, it became apparent these are not 10 new characters which needed prequels to establish them. Eternals are meant and designed for a function and operate as one thing. Even before I heard Zhao talking about Fighters and Thinkers within the group, the Uni-Mind concept led back to something more basic. One of the first images anyone saw of Eternals in the first trailer was all 10 of them lined up, together, in a dusty, desolate location. Ajak stands out in front and, like a flock of birds, the rest of the team posts up in staggered formation behind her. The Domo, their spaceship, is a huge triangular block with flat top and bottom. It, too, resembles this formation.

    all eternals lined up

    Just behind Ajak is Ikaris, on the Left. Behind him, slightly in front of Sersi, are Thena and Gilgamesh on the Left as well. On the Right side, behind Ajak, Ikaris, Thena and Gilgamesh, stands Sersi. After Sersi is Sprite, on the Right. It seems Phastos, on the Right, is standing just ahead of Makkari on the Left. Druig seems to be next on the Right with Kingo last on the Left side. They aren't positioned that way by chance. They are, first and foremost, a single unit; one thing. A data packet sent by Arishem. A Brain. As characters in the MCU, they are meant to be presented as such with spin-off avenues to come in the future. We are not supposed to know anything about these characters before being mightily introduced to this marvelous new and bold venture in the MCU all at once.


    Ajak is the Prime Eternal, leading the mission while answering to Arishem through her golden zoom device. Ikaris is "boss" of the Fighter side (the Left Hemisphere of this Eternals Brain). Ajak is not just Prime Eternal, she is also the "boss" of the Thinker side (the Right hemisphere of this Brain). Eternals Brain HemispheresThe
    brain hemisphere concept relates to the physical brain but also has connotations in popular psychology.

    The human brain is divided into two parts. A right side and a left side. We have often heard of "Right-Brained people" possessing traits like Imagination, Expression of Feelings, Intuition, etc. While "Left-Brained people" are described as having traits like Strategy, Logic and Order. Research of dual brain psychology was made famous in the 1960s by Psychobiologist and Nobel Prize winner Roger W. Sperry. Physically, the two halves of the brain work together as one unit but also process some functions very differently. The Fighter side of these Eternals, under Ikaris, does impressive battle outside the gates of Babylon, while, inside the walls, Ajak communes with Arishem and governs the technology Phastos is creating for the inhabitants. She tells him the steam engine is "too soon" and to tone it down a bit. He patiently offers a plow instead. Sersi knows other settlers who could really use that new device in their fields. Druig and Sprite are present, hanging out.

    Five Eternals on the Right, five Eternals on the Left. A perfect split of function. The Fighters have their own individualized way of performing their function (kill Deviants) while the Thinkers apply their skills with more precision and diversity. Not until the deleted scenes did I come to appreciate Sprite's role in this. She used her ability to cast illusion not simply as a hologram show. She weaved a long-lasting tapestry of human development through their belief in things like gods, nations and money. It's truly a surprise to apply that understanding to her character in the film. Phastos led them through endless incarnations of technology while Sprite supported the very nature of civilized existence. Sersi is shown to have fully empathized with humanity. That may be the reason Tiamut joined in their Uni-Mind - possibly convinced by her connection to them. Druig's power is that of a Telepath. He uses it sparingly and with his own code of ethics.

    Ultimately, then, I might draw a conclusion about Arishem here. If this Brain exists (sent to Earth for this mission) why is the Creative or Right-Brained side (Ajak) granted the Prime status by Arishem? Why not the orderly, strategic and logical Left-Brained side (Ikaris)? Ajak is a healer, an empath. Out of the 10 Eternals, she's the only one retaining near-infinite memories of past worlds being destroyed in this same manner, again. She's been a conscious witness to countless Celestials emerging from so many worlds over millions of years. I would think a hardcore militant soldier like Ikaris would be better constructed to handle all that information and carry out more missions than a healer/empath. What's up with that, Arishem?

    So, there are not 10 Eternals. Not really. They are one unit. One thing. A BRAIN. Fans talked about wanting or needing a Disney+ series or prior movies to build up or get to know the Eternals before the movie. I get that and I would have loved that. Kingo in ancient Indus Valley, Ajak influencing Mesoamericans in specific ways, Sprite interacting maybe with Norse people. Or, Gilgamesh with Odin at Tonsberg (it was quick if you missed it). Whatever it is. Phastos and his technological efforts through the ages, Makkari hanging out with Merlin?! It's all great. I thought about this.

    Contrary to all that potentiality, the delightful shock of seeing this fresh movie concept and the characters all at once--ALL of it; their powers, their costumes, armor and suits, the CGI of the deviants, reveal of the Celestials and celestial power and tech imbued to them by Arishem--to have saved all of that and kept it under wraps only to reveal it suddenly in one flagship effort was brilliant.

    eternals spaceship the domoI can't forget the moment I saw the first trailer, the big, triangular ship and all of the Eternals lined up on the cliff. The feeling of being exposed to that all at once, suddenly. What an experience. That's not possible when all those concepts and elements have been exposed and explored already in smaller venues like Disney+ or solo films for one or two Eternals.

    Things are changing at Marvel. We used to need a trilogy for one character, we don't necessarily need that anymore. For a single character, it is wise to expand them in their own sub-universe, then join them with other characters, sure. Actually, Stan Lee said doing that was the Marvel Way. He'd said that was the way they built the Marvel Community - by establishing individual characters in a book then teaming them up with others in interesting ways later.

    eternals star-lordHowever, as with Guardians of the Galaxy, a Star-Lord standalone film we did not need. In fact, part of the success of Guardians may have been throwing that team at us all at once in one movie. The MCU didn't work that way prior. It consisted of individuals in their own films only converging in Avengers movies. I'm not sure that when the new X-Men franchise is revealed, for example, there will be such loud noise from anyone that Cyclops and Beast didn't get a movie first to lay the foundation for that. Although, they could introduce us to the X-Men with a standalone movie first.. one that features Scott and Jean's enduring love.. and we could learn about genetic mutation, powers and Magneto through that lens.

    The X-Men are a team with powers shared by the fact they are Mutants. They have genetic mutation which manifests in each of them a different way. Eternals are imbued with Celestial power through Arishem. The source of the power is the same, but it manifests in all of them differently.


    Eternals Colors (posted 2/8/22)

    eternals colors Many filmmakers make use of colors in ways we may not even expect on levels we don't realize. Or, rabid fans make it all up. Maybe a combination of the two. For Eternals, I got the feeling the colors on their uniforms or armor were not happenstance at all. Nor were they only the product of exquisite output by a design team. Within the film, it felt like each Eternal manifests their colors based on their identity or persona. It may, in fact, be a creation of Arishem, but also a measure of who they are as people.

    Here, I'm talking about the three main colors: Gold, Blue and Silver. Also, Individualic colors and themes of Blue & Gold together. However, Gold, Blue and Silver seem to have higher significance and share crossover with many Eternals at once.


    What is the color Gold here? There are exactly five Eternals with varying measures of Gold manifesting on their costumes. Ajak may have the most but it's really unclear if Thena might have more. Thena's only color is gold. That, and a biege/white. Ikaris has gold. Phastos and Kingo have gold. Makkari has gold pinstriping I almost missed even after many viewings. Gold might represent Divinity and also Primary. Primary, because Ajak and Ikaris are dual wings of
    The Mission. Their costumes seem to mirror each other. She has no sub-dealings over the Left Side and Ikaris has no authority, really, over the Right Side. Since Ajak is overall Prime Eternal, that is why she may have the most gold, representing her status as The Primary.

    But where does Thena fit in here? With so much gold, why is she standing behind Ikaris in the Triangular Formation (discussed in "The Brain")? I think it has something to do with the color Blue. More on that.

    Eternals gods scenarioGold, in another layer, is this Eternals Unit descending to earth - gods, essentially - as beings who reside amongst humans throughout time. They are transcendent. At the peak of their mission, they are leading humanity into transformative progress through wisdom and knowledge which is ethereal intervention from somewhere else. They are not from here. They have interloped in the natural evolution of humanity (not individual DNA, but as a whole). By protecting them from Deviants and by teaching them how to build a better world for themselves, humans were able to evolve as a people in a way they just could not do without Eternals presence. There is defnitely a Creation of Adam scenario happening.

    Eternal Harry StylesGold might also be a secret reveal no one expects. Starfox/Eros sauntered out of the bifrost adorned in much layered gold. He's the brother to Thanos. Thanos was an Eternal of the Titan lineage from the planet seen in Avengers: Infinity War. He looks that way because he was born with the Deviant gene. Yes, take a moment to connect that to the villain Kro in Eternals. Not directly, but conceptually. A Deviant bred with someone in the Thanos family history. We are at the beginning of Genetic Mutation and diversification in the MCU. Why does Starfox look different than Thanos, yet, they are brothers?

    That leads to Thena.

    In the comics, Thena is a cousin to Thanos. Whether this ends up being true in the MCU is unknown. But with mutation and genetic changes already being showcased in the MCU (Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau, Kamala Khan - who is an Inhuman, not a Mutant, and X-Men on the rise) natural-born Eternals seem to be coming. Is Thena a natural-born Eternal? Maybe there really are fancy androids and also ones who were born. If Thena is a natural-born Eternal, what the hell is she doing on this mission with her memories erased?

    eternals world forgeI look for everyone with Gold to have some relation a Divine family structure or higher Eternals legacy. From the comics, we know Eternals can reincarnate. In the film, their memories are stored on Arishem's World Forge. Ajak and Ikaris can both return.

    battlestar galactica*I didn't mind at all that Eternals took a bite from Ron Moore's critically acclaimed Battlestar Galactica with beings who can download into new bodies, memories intact. On that show, it was the Resurrection Ship. Here, it's the World Forge.


    Blue is for The Mission. Ajak is all about the mission. Her primary function is to act as Prime Eternal and lead them in their true purpose while the rest remain under false illusions. Perhaps The Mission could be defined as loyalty and determination (or faith?) toward Arishem's plan or what they believe that to be. Ikaris is the mirror image of Ajak in Blue and Gold. The third Eternal with blue is Phastos. While Ikaris is clad almost totally in (two shades of) blue with brilliant accents of gold, Ajak shimmers with gold and is almost equally complimented with solid blue. Maybe she is equal parts Primary and Mission. Phastos, on the contrary, has a disc-shaped blue on his breastplate and blue accents. He's someone who understands that technology (his ability on the mission) cannot be overstated. If humans are going to achieve a level of accomplishment and relative safety on the planet (what he believes the mission to be) he must apply himself to that end dilligently.

    No one else has blue. The Fighters are just busy fighting - led by Ikaris if they need - the Thinkers are doing what they do amongst themselves. Sprite doesn't seem particulary enthralled with the business of Arishem. Sersi might be the next to adorn blue, but it is her green that acts as a sort of yin-yang to the blue of Ikaris which probably helped with her color choice. Those two characters have to look like they belong together visually. Gilgamesh is just happy to slay. Makkari wants to collect. Druig is a passive observer. Thena's drawings show she has actually seen Arishem. She probably doesn't care or want to know more about him and is only there to fight.


    Sersi, Sprite, Phastos, Makkari and Kingo don a Silver hue. I laid it down in the most basic terms that if Gold was primary, Silver might be secondary or 'subservient' in the mission. They are are serving secondary roles in the mission under Ajak and Ikaris. Going further, Gilgamesh's copper might be a 'tertiary' which I'd take to represent his apparent humility. He has no aspirations of his own. He's only there to do the right thing.
    Individualistic Colors
    eternals druig darth maul sith lordDruig could pass for a Sith Lord with basic black and red (my fav color scheme ever). Sprite has a jade color. Sersi, a green. Makkari is red, Kingo and Phastos are shades of grand purple. All of the Eternals' costumes are very epic and like nothing we have ever seen in the MCU. The closest thing was maybe the Iron Man bleeding edge armor but only in form. The color, shading, fit - and the fact they incorporate 10 individuals yet making differentiation - is spectacular. It was said particular care was taken to create these suits conceptually and it certainly shows. They really do look like walking nebula and constellations. I am still in awe. The costumery for each Eternal are adapted lovingly for each actor and their role in the film as well as appropriately for their body shape without any silliness.

    Sersi's green might be a manifestation of her transformative power. Green has always been seen as a reconstructive hue; much of flourishing nature, itself, grows from the earth green in color (grasses). Leaves on trees restore to green in Spring. Green has also stood for balance and rebirth; harmony. Gilgamesh's copper armor is accented by green which can also represent potent energy. Thena's biege/white tones might represent her blankness. Something is missing. eternals sprite lightningSprite Lightning is a natural phenemenon of dazzling red, much like Sprite's hair. Her lighter, jade hue could represent her very nature (as created by Arishem, a physically immature being who looks like a human child) is not fully developed into that rich green hue represented in Sersi. Color as well as color shading plays a role in Eternals, also. Even in their "civilian" clothing through the ages. More on that later.


    Kingo and Phastos are adorned in robes of mostly royal purple. Throughout history, the color purple has a storied past. The method by which to make purple was unknown to many. It was difficult to produce. It also took a huge volume of substanceto create it. Being so rare and scarce, it was, therefore, very expensive. At one point it was illegal for anyone but royalty or high clergy to wear the color purple. It was otherwise seem as grasping and ostentatious; above one's station. You could be killed for wearing the color purple in public (or, I guess, in private if seen).

    I'm calling purple in Eternals for Ego. Ego, here, is not Ego The Living Planet from Guardians II. Ego is part of a long-established scientific framework by the highly esteemed Neurologist and Psychoanalyst Doctor Sigmund Freud. Ego is the part of all of us that involves self-esteem, personal identity and function as a conscious entity. It is one part of a three part examination of the mind; the other two being the Id and the Super-ego.

    The two things Kingo and Phastos have in common is they both found and committed to something for themselves on Earth outside of Arishem's mission. Kingo becomes a movie star (a thing that takes big self confidence and swagger) while Phastos becomes a husband and father (a thing requiring a lot of character and individualism). Truly, the rest of the team just seem to be wandering.. having made no real connections or committments outside of the family. Did Sersi really do this even though she is dating Dane? She never told him the truth and was still living with the safety of Sprite, her sister Eternal.

    The film doesn't define Kingo and Karun, but it doesn't matter. Kingo's century-long film dynasty is the link in the film from when Ajak asks them to find a life for themselves in Tenochtitlan and the jump to modern day on his Bollywood movie set. He's the best example of Ego. Sprite's illusions inspired him way back in Babylon. It took so long for the technology to catch up so he might begin his film dynasty based on stories she had told. Phastos seems to have stayed true Blue until Hiroshima, 1945. He can't take it anymore. His ability has been used for genocide on a mass scale. He's done. Eventually, he makes a real life for himself. That life is based on who he is inside, not whatever Arishem made him to be. Ikaris tells him he exists for Arishem. Phastos rebukes that, saying he exists for his family.

    Themes of Blue & Gold

    eternals prime eternal ajakDirector Chloe Zhao talked about Eternals coming from the Celestials and whether it would be a Missionary function or a Military function. The two concepts may be represented in Blue and Gold. Since, probably, the Brain of the Eternals is halved into these dual functions.

    The Fighters are portrayed in the flashback to Babylon in front of the gates (the Fighters) as battling the Deviants. While at the same time, the Thinkers are inside The Domo (built right into the city, very cool) just watching Phastos creating technology. Sersi is late, Sprite thinks the steam engine will freak them out, Druig only watches. Ajak has just conslted with Arishem in a zoom call and now she's meeting with her sub team, the Right Side of this Eternals brain, the Thinkers. She's there to evaluate what Phastos is doing to see if humanity is ready to receive whatever he has made for them. She also wants to know if Phastos went to the party like she told him to. She isn't just a manager, she's a parental figure, a big sister. Druig implies Phastos works too much and doesn't get out (like many nerds) because he's too busy being obsessed with his projects.

    The colors of Ajak and Ikaris are pretty much identical. Both of them are completely blue and gold with no other color accents on their costumes at all. If I had to guess, this is due to each of them representing their apex nature within the group as head of the Right or Left (the Fighter or Thinker side). The only other Eternal to manifest Blue and Gold together is Phastos. Perhaps this means Phastos is the next Eternal closest in importance within the overall mission under Ajak and Ikaris. He may also be the best Fighter on the right side.

    Blue & Gold together may represent the essence of the Eternals - long-lasting "gods" come from above to a primal civilization with a mission to protect that civilization from predator Deviants.


    We Need to Talk About Kro (12/2/22)

    Ain't Talking bout Kro The movie Eternals has one basic theme throughout: Evolution. The movie can do this because it is spans such a long period of linear time. The movie takes place over 7,000 years, give or take. We do not know how long Deviants have been on Earth. We only know Eternals arrived here about 7,000 years ago.

    However, When Deviants did come here, what was their phyical form at that time? Unclear - but very important.

    Eternals critics said the movie had too much going on and was bloated. I get that. There is still a lot of information to sort out.

    The "Present Day" of Eternals takes place over about seven days. The story, itself, is not told in a linear manner. It jumps back and forth from past to present several times. To extrapolate the Deviant Kro, let us identify him at points in the linear narrative.

    Kro is seen in London attacking Sersi and Sprite while Ikaris does battle. But let's take just one step back in the linear narrative. We learn later in the movie, just prior to this London attack, Ikaris had encountered Kro and allowed him to kill Ajak (an Eternal with healing powers).

    In London, they express concern because they'd never seen another Deviant with the ability to heal.

    Stop here for a moment.

    They have many centuries of knowledge and experiences concerning Deviants. Maybe even more in their data structure or on board the Domo. How did Kro have the ability to heal?

    Since it is never addressed in the movie, we (the audience) must then ask: "How was Kro able to take Ajak's power at all?"

    Ikaris brought Ajak to Kro so Kro would kill her. He wanted it to look like a Deviant attack to confuse the others so they wouldn't go seeking to stop The Emergence. He had no idea any of those Deviants would or could take her power and actually physically evolve in the process.

    After Kro killed Ajak, two very important changes to his physical form are shown to take place:

    - the foot or paw changed into a type of talon or claw
    - the spine changed and it stood a bit more upright than before

    Those two things happened instantly upon killing Ajak.

    A third thing occurred. Kro then reached out with its barbs to the other Deviants and transformed them. The other four Deviants were changed in huge levels. One sprouted wings and was ready to fly in moments. The rest became more deadly.

    Taking a step back, what are these Deviants prior to this encounter with Ikaris and Ajak? They were creatures trapped in the ice for centuries, let loose by global warming. Kro is identifiably the leader of the group. He is the same basic style and shape of the others, except much larger than they are. Kro, here, might be called Apex Predator. Outside of the introduction of Eternals (outside of a Closed System), no one hunts him.

    Even without the encounter with Ikaris and Ajak, Kro is the strongest being in the pack. He's larger. He's in command. He seems to even communicate with the other Deviants. Kro waits inside the cave (not interested as the others pick on the dead humans laying on the ice) until there is something interesting to feed on: an Eternal!

    When Ajak is being attacked by the smaller Deviants, Kro strolls out from the cave and takes the "kill" from them. They are obedient to Kro and let him have the meal. This has a lot of meaning in the animal kingdom.

    After consuming the
    Golden Celestial Glow from Ajak, she dies and the entire Deviant pack moves into the cave. This is where the physical transformation of Kro occurs. Then, he transforms them into super-deadly versions of what they were before. They all leave on Kro's command and we next see Kro in London.

    It is very important to see Kro in this linear narrative. Before absorbing the power of Ajak, he walked on four paws or feet. In London, he's managing to walk upright, but is still mostly quadrupedal (on four legs).

    What I just described is Evolution. However, Evolution as described in scientific theory takes thousands and millions of years. Here, it happens in moments.

    It seems exponential.

    The reason this is important to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)? We're reaching the stage in the MCU where Mutants and Mutation are coming, finally. Characters like Wanda, Captain Marvel (Carol) and Kamala Khan have powers of unknown origin at this point. Sure, we know Carol was in front of an explosion and that somehow caused her to obtain powers. But we don't know why or how. Would it have been the same result if someone other than Carol had done the exact same thing?

    Wanda's powers are unclear, but somehow related to the Mind Stone along with the fact she is a Witch. Kamala exhibits powers and her own family seems to connect with what's happening to her based on past familial events but, still, they cannot explain them.

    It is said the upcoming Marvel film The Marvels (aka Captain Marvel 2) will shed more light on beings on the fringe with powers unexplained easily. And, of course, X-Men and Mutants are coming. The groundwork is being laid for these things in Eternals.

    Evolution. Quick jumps in evolution is the basic definiton of Mutation. The comic book definition of a Mutant is someone born with the x-gene (the genetic ability or propensity to mutate) and the manifestation of an ability or abilities spontaneously - usually in a time of great stress or during puberty.

    I've said here, on this site, a few times Kro might be a mutant. He might be a creature (a Deviant) born with the x-gene. That is how he was able to absorb Ajak's power. In turn, using that power to transform the other Deviants under his command. The "mutant ability" of Kro might be to take the power of whatever being he destroys and use it for himself. Maybe.

    Let's move forward in the linear story.

    In the Amazon, the Deviants attack. The end result is Kro killing Gilgamesh. Kro has already physically evolved once in the cave after killing Ajak. After destroying Gilgamesh, Kro stands completely upright, his hands and feet change into something more human. He speaks, also. Now, he has the defensive power of Ajak (healing) and the offensive power of Gilgamesh (gauntlets and maybe super strength).

    He keeps evolving. He isn't just hunting the Eternals to destroy them now. He wants to evolve more and wants more power. I kinda saw Kro's thirsty eye when Makkari caught him in a death spiral. He wanted to be fast :) so he went after her.

    Kro's story ends in the cave with Thena when she finally brings him to an end by slicing him to pieces.

    A couple of footnotes here. When the Eternals arrived in Australia to talk with Gil and Thena, the Deviant they killed is on display in their yard. It looks nothing like the pack Ikaris found in Alaska. The ones in Alaska looked like huge, powerful and relatively modern dogs or wolves. The one rotting in Ausralia looks like an ancient dinosaur or similar. The ones in Alaska are clearly more evolved.

    After spending countless years and maybe millennia on Earth, it seems Deviants evolved on their own - as the process of evolution would suggest - in groups or packs separate from each other. In a pack, the being with the most strength will usually be the leader. Or, the being with the higher intelligence. Whatever thing which causes one being to stand apart from the others. Whatever makes it able to manuipulate or control the others for the benefit of the group or pack.

    It seemed right to me the first (non-linear) time we see the Deviants - they look similar to wolves or dogs and move in a pack with one dominant leader exhibiting its will on the group. It's a great metaphor for Evolution.

    I made a full website about this movie, yet, only after many viewings did the first moments of the movie seem relative. After the initial "contact" with humanity in the past, we find Sersi arriving late to her class where she encounters a bust of Charles Darwin (father of the scientific theory of evolution). Seconds later, we find out the class she is teaching is about Apex Predators in a balanced ecosystem and Evolution.

    The movie goes much deeper once you open the drawer of Evolution and everything it entails.

    Arishem makes a distinction between his two creations, Eternals and Deviants. Eternals are "synthetic beings incapable of evoluton". He made Eternals to counteract his mistake in creating the Deviants. He made the Deviants as "natural beings with with ability to evolve".

    In character subtext, Sersi is marked for her tardiness twice in the film. Once in ancient Babylon and once in Present Day. That's kind of a "lol" but also a real concept that - as a synthetic being - she is incapabale of evolution. She is incapable of change or evolution. Sersi is Sersi. She will always be Sersi. Her life is experienced as one long, continual exhibition of who she is. It won't change very much over time, if at all.

    Eternals do not procreate which is an essential part of Evolution on the grander scale. Mixing genes is what causes biological change in offspring. The simplest way to describe is (in a closed system) how many children would have to be born for a blue or green-eyed child to appear? It took a very long time on Earth in the closed system of humanity for this to happen. Those are mutated eye colors. They are not natural.

    A mutant, on the other hand, doesn't need billions of years or procreation to exhibit this mutation. Someone with latent mutant ability might suddenly wake up one day to find their brown eyes have now become hazel or something completely different.

    A more nuanced conversation about this concept was had in the ziggurat in 1450 A.D. when Thena's confused memories caused havoc among the group. Ajak (who has full knowledge of the mission and everything Eternals are) reassures Thena she "will always be Thena deep inside". I took this to mean no matter how many times Thena has her memories reset or how many missions she goes on, her person and character will always remain Thena.

    This, compared to a race of beings who change constantly by procreating and dying. Deviants do not remain as they are. They are ever-changing in the soup of many, many years of evolution. Eternals will never experience evolution as synthetic beings who do not procreate.

    Kro is a being more curious all the time. The significance of that character has not just been blown off but never even addressed by fans or anyone.

    I am here to help :)


    Disclaimer and Web 3.0:

    WEB 3.0: First, Web 3.0 here is not necessarily about crypto currency. It's about a "block chain" concept and decentralization. Independent websites made by individuals that do not involve control by big platforms.

    There was a time any of us could go on this thing called The Internet and interact in any way we felt. Without identification checks, without the violation of our privacy, without sale of our data, without fear of being watched or haunted by stalkers. We could say anything. No one could edit us. I went to reddit (hahahaha) and tried to post something about Eternals and was not ALLOWED. I have had that account for years (since before Avengers: Age of Ultron) but am still told I am "too young" to post and must interact more. It is my sincere desire we all can find a way to move away from large tech institutions that powermonger our lives just because we want to interact about subject matter. It seems inhuman (let Black Bolt scream).

    The (inherent?) primitive nature of mankind itself has become evident on this emergent tech called Social Media. Humanity has revealed itself as a not-so-nice entity overall. However, many of us were there in the beginning. There was a different attitude about online interaction. There was a kind of self-policing of actions and just wonderment. On things like message boards (pre-cursor to Social Media as it's now known) folks had little oversight save the singular "owners" (administrators) of said board. If users crossed a line, many times, the bad language or inappropriate posts simply remained. Or, the person was banned. It was that simple.

    But, the banned person had to really push the envelope and show they were not really there to interact and was only there to cause problems. The proliferation of things like Hate Speech and Social-Media-used-as-a-platform-to-organize-violence, these things were just not an issue/concern in the beginning. Maybe they were? Maybe they should have been a concern, but they were not. Not really. Maybe it's my ignorance.

    The early Internet was not a place that fostered much else but explorers, academics, techies, horny people and lonely people (same thing). It began with email and plain code before turning into anything visual. When interaction became a thing, users had to really seek out what they were looking for. People didn't just happen upon a message board on which to spew hate or interact with someone's child. Back then, children did not use The Internet. Not At All.

    Point being, the shock level of what could be done online (and what would be done online by users) was much lower. If child pornography was on-line and message boards were being used to traffick children in the 1990s, it was not very apparent at all to anyone. Today, it seems users have taken to universal platforms like facebook and tick-tock to just openly sell children - price and all, photos.. all right out in the open.

    While those platforms must then create their own policing agencies to try and shut it down. Same with drugs. Currently, there are news stories about teens dying due to toxic fentanyl purchased on facebook.

    ...but buying fentanyl there is not what shocks...

    ..what shocks is the concern the drugs were not authentic. Meaning, we wouldn't be talking about teens buying opiates on facebook except for the fact the drugs they are buying are of an impure nature and said teens are overdosing due to being unaware of the true nature of the drug.

    When I was a teen, I had a bad spell and met with my weed dealer in the forest. To buy a bag of green there, in secret, so we wouldn't be seen. Skip to now and there's a tech platform where I could login and order not weed but a hardcore painkiller delivered right to me in the mail? Again, Black Bolt might be screaming. I'm not a drug dealer nor a child trafficker. So, these corporate clamps on my online behavior are quite offensive.

    I'm proud to present this site as wholly independent; controlled by no one. For this site, there exists no faceless/nameless entity behind a closed door commanding what I must do before I can say anything due to the stupidity and harmful nature of others.


    is an offensive hydra controlling our lives; over-reaching to the point of absurdity.

    Only those born in the 1990s or later would accept it. That's all they know. However, I recognize this is the infrastucture of the New Internet and will be paired down over time to a more reasonable thing. But please, hurry up with that. How can we all be involved in this? We can take back The Internet with the balancing concepts of Web 3.0. What that means is self-sustaining websites like this one.

    Sites and interaction operated by individuals instead of conglomerates. I am decentralized, I'm not a facebook group or a reddit post. Right now, those platforms have the monopoly on Interaction but even that's changing.

    But what if I am evil? What if this site is not dedicated to light-hearted fun discussing of Eternals, and instead, I am spewing Hate and vitriol in the form of political violence or something really ugly? I don't have a real answer. I like to think such a site would be shunned by the Google AI bots and spiders that would conversely get this site picked up in the first place. In any case, what Freedom Of Speech through the Internet has shown us is we can't stop humans from expressing what they will express - whatever that may be.

    In the beginning of the Internet, it is my opinion, people had been hesitant, even uncomfortabe perhaps, even in relative anonymity, to really express their deep-seated dark thoughts. Not like they do now so openly and shamelessly. Perhaps the ease of use of platforms such as Social Media allowed tech ignorant folks to come out of the woodpile to use the Internet for their Evils.

    Evils they maybe wouldn't have known how to bring about themselves previously. It's really easy to get a facebook account and do bad things if that's what you are going to do. As opposed to back in the day if you wanted to do bad things to go buy your own domain name, code your own site and publish it. The old Internet was kind of Wild West; exciting, individualistic and free. I'm not sure how to describe it today except maybe in the opposite.

    I'd love to have a safe place to go and talk about Eternals. I just haven't found one. Every large forum or discord site is run by, frankly, powermongering individuals who I envision as generally all the same. I laugh as seeing them with finger on a proverbial button as they lie in wait to block, shadowban, edit, censor or limit whatever is being said. They are "New Moderators" who just do not perform that function as it was originally intended. They do not "moderate" anything. To me, over the years, they have been more like rule-obsessed Soup Nazis.

    Not WWII Nazis. Maybe, know the difference. And who cares. Recognize that simply writing that immediately summons the New Mod to action on any forum with finger on the button. They aren't interested in fostering the interaction, only in making sure someone doesn't leave a curse words or say something "offensive". I am sure there are some "offensive" things on this page.

    But I'm governed by no one except my own conscience. I like that. The moderator nonsense through the years (in various and many different sites in various different topics) became so outlandish I often went into them simply with the intent of seeing how far I could push them before they would appear with their magic wand to cast me out. I consciously acted as a "shadow" to their "light" with a real intent on understanding what was really going on.

    It's not worth it to spend too much on this, but moderators begin watching your behavior because you wrote "Soup Nazi" to see if you will say other(?) potential offensive things - with the intent on taking action against you, that just isn't a place I want to interact. It is silly. It is ignorant. It has no place in any adult medium and, thus, just give whatever place that is to the children and make a different space for the adults. Can we have adult moderators? Can we have people in charge that know the difference and don't react to trigger words like some kind of humanoid AI android sifting through illegal keywords?

    From this site in totality, you may see, I desire to be thoughtful, to espouse and to do that with great loquacious intent. I don't respond well to being put in a crib and force-fed a nib. But that's what The Internet became. Was it needed? Maybe. I'm not sure. I'm one of those people that does not enjoy paying for the dumb sins of others. If someone writes "shit" on a message board, is that going to traumatize someone? Every 12yo knows that word. We are traveling in a fantastic realm. Following the letter of the law blindly while the spirit just fucking dies a slow, painful death.

    Whole subject matter has become just illegal to discuss. I won't bother to go into that here. I innocently tried to delve into one of my passions (Ancient History) by starting a post in a very popular message board. But the post kept being deleted. Finally, a "Mod" responded to me and said rather plainly my post was racist and I probably should not return. You, the reader here, can decide if that's what I am by perusing what I say here in totality instead of judging me based on a single post. I was rebuked by someone who obviously didn't understand the subject matter.

    DEEP academia was edited by someone not even qualified to understand the nature of the discussion attempting to be had. I asked the mod if they would have the conversation with me, themselves. I asked if that anon person insulting me from anonymity would care to discuss the subject matter I was bringing up in the post in question. They wouldn't even respond to that. All they could do was limit the interaction based on their limited knowledge and understanding.

    I'm not afraid of your conclusion in context. Always, context matters.

    The point being, the control is in the hands of too few. Often, those few are simply very small-minded or ignorant or are moderating for reasons more about control than about the desire to interact and to exchange knowledge and information. Concerning my "racist" post, I had sought out said site looking for folks much wiser than I; seeking to provoke conversation meant to enlighten not others but myself.

    I was discovering or positing something new for myself in a rich historical context in the ancient past of Earth, hoping to just hear what others had to say. Not seeking to indoctrinate ANYONE with ANYTHING. But mods wanted to shut down the mere appearance of impropriety of anything they did not immediately clearly understand and were not able to succinctly categorize based on their own limited understanding.

    That's where we are at in these larger platforms. It's kind of sickening. Academia feels to be dying.

    The Internet began as a Super Gateway of interaction of knoweldge between individuals who maybe could never meet or interact in the physical world. It was perhaps the free university available to anyone to go in search of ANYTHING. What it became is a terrible sphincter basically governed by fear of free exchange.

    When I watch online exchanges on popular platforms I use, the exchanges often seem to be made by mostly users who seem quite young or dialogue that is very dumbed down. If there is "adult" exchange, it's mostly rancorous and politically driven. I see little in the middle. That may be because the clamp of editing by New Moderation is forcing these divisions.

    The New Mod is OK with children who will interact with nothing substantial to contribute, or they will govern a situation with adults flogging each other to death over political turmoil. There isn't much inbetween. Try and have a real, academic discussion about anything controversial that isn't Democrat v Republican and the New Mod won't really allow that. Try to have a thoughtful enlightening discussion about anything else that is thought-provoking in any way, if it isn't immediately and personally understood (and personally accepted) by the New Mod, prepare to be shut down.

    The Internet was slowly taken out of our hands and redistributed back to us in a way it could be controlled. I would argue this happened with the advent of the smartphone. As soon as a newer generation lost the knowledge to control programs (re-invented as apps) that newer generation was made to enter the Gateway of the Internet through very narrow corridors. One need only look at the Apple Play Store for evidence.

    One corporation has the ability to decide which programs/apps can be accessed/downloaded (thus, used) by anyone who does not know how to use a standard PC for their Internet needs. It surprised me, at first, to comprehend that some folks experience The Internet entirely through a phone. They may have a laptop for formal tasks like writing a paper or making a spreadsheet, but fundamental skills of how to make The Internet work for them has decreased dramatically.

    How did we get to a place of 150" screens for entertainment, yet, anyone younger than 30yo will probably watch porn on their phone? I know convenience but c'mon. That was not my goal as a teen! But here it is, staring us in the face. The phone is a really handy device and a wonderful tool. I've no doubt this will balance out over time. That is why there is a general mood to return to a more user-empowered experience not so controlled by the large corporation or any government agency. The smartphone also made "The Children" the source of woe in what might be seen in a free exchange of information. "The Children".

    It's always about "The Children".

    It is hard to take responsibility for that. Our entire Internet experience receives a Force Grip because children were handed a smartphone so they could be added to the corporate bottom line as new consumers. That's what it really comes down to.

    Children fed to the machine for dollars. There is information out there parents don't want their kids to be exposed to, therefore, instead of self-policing or not issuing phones to 12-year-olds, the entire Internet must go on lockdown for fear a 9-year-old (or younger) might happen upon something they shouldn't ever be seeing in the first place.

    The corporate greed to add more consumers must grab into the lower age group because it has gobbled every human being above the age of 18. The advent of "Social Media" has created a consumer that has no real capacity to understand the waters in which they are swimming. Yet, they are the new focus of all kinds of influences and media almost no one can control. How can anyone be expected to control it?

    God bless the child (who lives in a place without wi-fi). Yet, the world is in a massive rush to install wi-fi to the ends of the planet. No child is safe from facebook or tick-tock any longer. However, there's a bad symbiant circle with this because every school student needs wi-fi to simply be in school so there is no escape. I get it.

    I never got a (real) facebook account. When my peers were filling those pages with images and words without realizing the consequences to come, somehow I knew it was not going to end well. I was truly shocked they blasted images of ther infant and young children there for all (even strangers) to see. They logged into places (in real-time) letting others know their exact location, etc.

    They paved the way for those children to view such behavior as normal. Basically, creating the Social Media Generation. Such things really shocked me long before facebook became the common demon among us. Now, facebook is the devil and everyone knows it.

    Those same people cannot get rid of their accounts and facebook has a "death policy" that explains what happens to your account when you die. Are you fucking serious, Mark Fucking Suckerberg? You really altered mankind by creating an online system that haunts us even unto death? Who Are You? What Are You? I also have an issue with being stalked. Perhaps that is what saved me from modern Social Media and its clutches. I've got inherent concerns with privacy. I actually covet my privacy. I did not want to allow others to push a button to locate me or see me or know anything about me.

    Am I strange?

    I somehow thought that was my purview to do that in reverse. I felt it was up to me to decide who I would contact and when and about what. I did not want to have to go through endless processes to turn off auto-settings I didn't even know existed to block interactions I did not want in the first place. Facebook was the ultimate quicksand no one told us about. How could we know? Nothing like that had existed before.

    Suckerberg was a Galactus-like destroyer-of-worlds Predator coming to eat us and our children in ravenous corporate hunger. Mark the Galactus cometh for all of us - to consume. In the beginning, the children were tossed into his jaws right quick and no one knew how to get them back. They migrated to his sister entity, Instagram, and are still there today:

    dying from anorexia and bulimia; just staring at unrealistic and sick images of other girls starving themselves
    ODing on hardcore substances they bought from Mark
    endless scrolling to gawk at pretty much worthless individuals doing nothing but looking hot in front of beautiful scenery - creating more unrealistic expectations in the most confusing time of life of a human being

    It created a system where some kid in Ohio covets a rich socialite skiing on a mountain with thousands of dollars in free gear obtained because the kid in Ohio is subscribing to their channel or account. It is a gross and viscious cycle of doom.

    The more eyes Galactus sucks to his account, the more bloated his account becomes; the more corporate money is thrown at that account to sustain it, the more eyes are drawn to the account.

    "The Children" are not OK but neither are the adults hooked on these platforms. Like I said, you can buy children and fentanyl on these platforms. Suckerberg evolved yet again into Meta, where the children will now go into the virtual world to do these things just more efficiently. May it fucking end. And the algorithm?

    Then, The Corporation evaded responsibility (to all users in all ways) by saying it was "the algorithm" determining the content that was being shown to viewers. The platform was not responsible; not really. But sure, even though the AI Jarvis/Ultron is out-of-control, we will try to install our own police to protect the children. We will try to do that for you. Because we care. Mark Suckerberg cares?

    Take one thing from all you just read, no corporation cares - not ever. Corporations are people, too. That's right. If you don't understand, find the documentary The Corporation.

    It explains Corporations are people too. They have a birth, a life, a death and a whole set of rights and obligations under the law. But unlike us (or even Ultron) Corporations have no moral framework and no obligation to do right by you. If I told you someone in your life - a person - had "no moral framework" would you ever let them near your child? But your child logs onto these platforms daily and interacts within a world created wholly by and governed through a corporate entity that then looks you right in the face to say "it's not me, it's the artificial intelligence we made causing the problem".

    When they apologize, facing Congress, about all this or go on the news about their failures, they are human beings representing a structure that - by law - has no legal responsibility to any moral framework or guidelines to protect anyone from anything.

    Yet, we are demanding they protect the children?

    There is only one function of any and all corporation: to provide profit for shareholders. Corporations are mandated (by law!) to produce ever-increasing profits or face censure. What does that really mean? Looking back, it means adding a brand new sector of consumers by which to increase profit margin: children. We gave the children to the amoral Corporation for it to consume them for cash.

    Galactus came wearing a pretty frock and an emoticon. We sent the children to him like Barney the purple dinosaur. Now, we have to find a way to take them back. It will happen, because these things balance out over time. Only, please hurry up already.

    By the way, what I just described about Corporations is the bedrock foundation of Capitalism and Capitalist Civilization in America in 2022. I made no judgment or determination about that, only that if you read this far, please understand the rights of a Corporation to be morally blank and answer only to ever-increasing profits is what America is made of. You should really understand that in every day life when you hear anyone (whoever it is) using the word Capitalism in any context.